Foreign Affairs

by Yowza [Reviews - 4]

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  • All Ages
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  • Character Study, Introspection, Romance

Author's Notes:
Generally requires a good knowledge of First Doctor stories, or the ability to use TARDIS wikia. Ganatus appears in the first Dalek serial.

It would never have worked, she told herself. They’d barely known each other; had simply grown close through a few night’s conversation. She didn’t regret leaving, because otherwise she wouldn’t have Ian and Johnny, and her life here. Even so, Barbara couldn’t help but wonder. She could have helped rebuild an entire civilisation but had turned the offer down - it was only natural she should wonder.

What if she had stayed? What if that kiss had been more than just a moments spark? There had been something between them, that much was obvious, but had there really been potential for deeper, lasting feelings? Ganatus had clearly cared for her, but Barbara had always thought their situation was partly to blame for that: she was kind to him, and had helped him save his people, so it was understandable he would be grateful. But would it have worked out? Could they have loved each other, married, had children?

She would never know, and, being completely honest with herself, Barbara wasn’t sure that she wanted to.