Author's Notes:
Written for Challenge 682: Secret Identity at dw100.

Summary: Strax is trying to be unobtrusive.

“Pretend you don’t recognise me,” a voice said at the Doctor’s elbow. He turned to see Strax, wearing a top hat, and a cape over his suit.

“Why would I do that?”

“Because I’m in disguise, Sir.”

“Oh. Right. Why?”

“To protect my secret identity, Sir.”

“Ah, of course. And what is your secret identity?”

Strax turned, shocked by the question. “If I told you that, it wouldn’t be a secret anymore and then I’d have to kill you. Sir. Please try to keep up.”

“Right. Sorry.”

“So you don’t recognise me?”

“Never seen you before in my life, Strax.”

The End