Author's Notes:
Written for Challenge 636: Auspicious at dw100.

Summary: The Doctor arrives in the nick of time.

“Well?” Minister Vorba demanded of the shaman Zoosh. “What do the auguries say? Can we defeat these metal monstrosities or not?”

“Alas, alone we are doomed,” Zoosh replied, jowls wobbling with distress.

“The mighty Ziffan Empire will be destroyed?”

“Without assistance our armies cannot prevail. But…”


“The one with the blue box will be our salvation.”

“Blue box? What are you on about?”

Just then, there was a wheezing, groaning sound and a blue box materialised before them. A strange being stepped out.

“This is a most auspicious moment,” Zoosh intoned.

“Hello, I’m the Doctor. Now, about these Daleks…”

The End