Author's Notes:
Written for Challenge 634: Plum / Plumb at dw100.

Summary: All the Doctor wanted was a bunch of bananas...

“Sorry, mate, we’re all out of bananas. Won’t have more in until next week’s delivery.” The greengrocer offers up an apologetic smile. “Got some lovely pears here.”

“Ugh, no thanks, can’t stand pears. They’re…” The Doctor shudders dramatically.

“Takes all kinds I suppose. Me, I love a nice pear. How about some apples? Just got some russets in, very crisp and sweet. Or oranges; packed with vitamin C, they are.”

The shopkeeper continues extolling the virtues of his wares, and despite only wanting some bananas, somehow the doctor ends up buying two pounds of plums.

They are very tasty though.

The End