Author's Notes:
Written for Challenge 572: Bridge at dw100.

Summary: The Doctor takes her companions to visit one of the wonders of the universe.

“Highest bridge in the universe!” The Doctor beamed at her companions. “What d’you think?”

The massive rock structure spanned a yawning chasm between two mountain peaks so tall they dwarfed Everest. Thanks to the denser atmosphere on this world, even so high up the air was still breathable.

Yaz leaned over the weathered, lichen-covered stone wall and peered down through roiling clouds.

“How high up are we?”

“Oh, about nine-thousand feet.”

“Wow! Ryan, you’ve got to see this! The view’s incredible!”

“I’m fine,” Ryan insisted. “I can see enough.”

“You okay?”

“Y’know I said heights don’t bother me? I lied.”

The End