Author's Notes:
Written for Challenge 519: Pause / Paws at dw100.

Summary: The Doctor takes Rory and Amy to a truly beautiful alien world.

Unlike most of the planets they’ve visited with the Doctor, although undoubtedly intelligent, with a civilisation more advanced than earth, the people of this world aren’t humanoid.

They creep soundlessly around on velvet paws, sometimes upright but more often on all fours. Their clothing is simple, close-fitting tunics and trousers covering their lithe, short-furred bodies, their feet left bare. Upright, their forepaws unfurl into astonishingly dextrous six-fingered hands.

They are artists, musicians, creators of all things beautiful, and their gracefully spired cities take Amy and Rory’s breath away. Travelling with the Doctor they’ve seen many wonders, but this beats all.

The End