Author's Notes:
Written for Challenge 515: Islington at dw100.

Summary: This adventure is closer to home than Donna would have liked.

“Islington?” Donna could hardly believe her eyes. “All of space and time to travel in and you bring me to Islington? Might as well have dropped me off back home.”

“Where’s your sense of adventure?”

“Mine? I come from these parts, sunshine; there’s no adventure ‘ere. I’ve seen it all before. Where are we goin’ anyway?”

“Freightliner Farm; the TARDIS picked up a distress call.”

“What kind of distress call? Something alien?”

The Doctor beamed. “I have no idea, that’s what we’re here to find out.”

“So there could be aliens right here in London?”

“Wouldn’t be the first time!”

The End