Author's Notes:
Written for Challenge 444: Torque at dw100.

Eleventh Doctor, Rory.

Summary: The Doctor is attempting to help out with a few home repairs.

“Oi! Hand me that whatsit, will you?”

The Doctor was sprawled on his back on the kitchen floor, half of him crammed into the cupboard beneath the sink.

“What’re you doing?”

“You’ve got a leak so I’m fixing it!”

“You know plumbing now?”

The question drew an indignant noise from the depths of the cupboard.

“Plumbing’s easy peasy! If I can fix the time stabilisers in the TARDIS I can certainly fix a leaky pipe. Now pass me the thingamabob.”

“You mean the torque wrench?”

“That’s the one!” The Doctor took it and with a twist, nearly flooded the kitchen.

The End