Author's Notes:
Written for Challenge 329: Pendulum / Pendulous at dw100.

Summary: There are some very strange things in the universe.

Everywhere around them, from the branches of every tree, hung blobby, misshapen, orangey-grey… things. Amy pulled a face, making sure she didn’t get too close to them.

“What’re they, some sort of egg sacs?” She really didn’t want to meet the creatures responsible for them.

“What?” the Doctor asked.

Amy pointed.

“Oh, those are Tangemoles.”

“Tangemoles? What’s a Tangmole?”

“Genetic engineered fruit that went a bit wonky. They taste better than they look, sort of like deep-fried tangerines.”

“Why would anyone create something like that?”

“It was an accident; they were trying to develop fruit trees that would grow underground.”

The End