Author's Notes:
Written For: Challenge 318: Horde at dw100.

Spoilers: Silence In The Library.

Summary: The library seems empty except for the small band of humans. It’s not.

Aside from the Doctor, Donna, River Song and her party, the Library appears empty; there’s not another living soul on the whole planet. It should be a comforting thought, reassuring, but it isn’t, because although their small band of humans seems to be alone, they aren’t; they’re surrounded by an invisible horde millions, possibly billions strong.

Vashta Nerada. The name means nothing to most of those present, but the Doctor knows. They’re dangerous, lethal; they live in shadows, and they look like shadows, a very effective camouflage.

The Doctor’s never known them to swarm in such numbers. And they’re hungry.

The End