Author's Notes:
Written for Challenge 290: Surprise at dw100.

Slight crossover with Torchwood.

Summary: When Toshiko Sato enters the TARDIS, her reaction is unlike anyone else’s.

As many times as he’d seen the reaction from the various people he’d brought onboard the TARDIS, their surprise on finding the inside bigger than the outside never failed to amuse him.

Some would just stand there with their mouths open, gaping. Others would dash outside, then in, then out again, as if unable to decide which was real, the small box or the huge room. Still others would babble about it, grabbing his arm, like they somehow thought he’d failed to notice the discrepancy. Humans were just so much fun!

Toshiko Sato simply nodded. “Transdimensional physics.”

She was amazing!

The End