Author's Notes:
Written for Challenge 285: Public Transport at dw100.

Summary: The Doctor is taking Amy and Rory sightseeing – if he can get them on the bus.

“Come along, Ponds!” The Doctor strode ahead of Amy and Rory, making straight for a peculiar creature, like a massive yellow and blue centipede. “Up you get!” He threw a look their way and frowned. “You might need to use the steps.”

Amy stared aghast. “You don't seriously expect us to get on that, do you?”

The question seemed to take the Doctor by surprise. “Why not? Gerdebans are this planet’s public transport. Think of it as a bus.”

“A bus,” Rory echoed. “With hundreds of legs.”

“Not hundreds, only forty-two. Do you want to see the sights or not?”

The End