Author's Notes:
Written for Challenge 234: Fungible at dw100.

Spoilers: Planet of the Ood.

Summary: The Ood are being seriously underestimated by those who sell them as slaves; they’re more than they seem.

To those who sell them as commodities, the Ood are essentially fungible. One Ood is much like the next, just another saleable item, inventory to bring in profits. Ood live to serve, so let them.

For a time everyone wanted them, tractable servants who could do whatever was required of them, but sales are down at the moment, necessitating a price drop. Sell more cheaply in bulk to the military and profits will go up again. They’re just Ood after all, plenty more where they came from.

But the Ood are changing, bit-by-bit. If their eyes turn red, watch out!

The End