Author's Notes:
Written for Challenge 214: Crossover at dw100.

Summary: Donna and the Doctor have ended up in the wrong place before, but usually in their own universe.

Travelling by TARDIS was always an adventure. Even when the Doctor chose a destination and set course for it, there was no absolute guarantee that’s where they’d end up, because the TARDIS was sentient and had a mind of her own.

Even so, when the Doctor said they were going to a planet called Mistlethwip and instead they stepped out into the gateroom at Stargate Command, Donna was flummoxed.

“Bloody hell! You took a wrong turn somewhere, Spaceman! I watch this on TV.”

“This is so cool!” Carter exclaimed. “I’ve never met fictional characters before!”

“Oi! You’re the fictional one!”

The End