Author's Notes:
Crossover with Torchwood.

Written for Challenge 207: Sink / Swim at dw100.

100 words first try! Didn’t even have to fix any typos!

Summary: The Doctor invites Team Torchwood into the TARDIS.

Over the centuries, the Doctor had grown accustomed to the astonished reactions of the people he invited into his TARDIS. Mostly, they expressed amazed disbelief that anything could be bigger on the inside than it was on the outside, but there were occasional exceptions to that rule, such as Team Torchwood.

Gwen went the ‘bigger on the inside’ route, Tosh exclaimed excitedly over the technology, Ianto asked where the cleaning supplies were kept, and Owen…

“Blimey, you’ve got everything but the kitchen sink in ‘ere!”

“Oh, I’ve got one of those too,” the Doctor assured him. “It’s in the kitchen.”

The End