Author's Notes:
Written for Challenge 203: Waddle / Waffle / Wattle at dw100.

Summary: Some aliens aren’t quite as friendly as they look.

Rose was completely enchanted by the natives of this planet. The squat, pastel coloured creatures were barely waist-high to her, densely furred ovals perched precariously on a pair of short, stumpy legs. Because of their oversized, flat feet they didn’t walk so much as waddle.

They swarmed around her, peering up at her from round, black eyes on retractable stalks, whistling to each other in their native language, and patting her with broad, fuzzy flippers, like the wings of penguins.

“Aren’t you adorable!” she exclaimed, reaching to stroke one.

“Careful!” the Doctor warned, a little too late.


“They bite.”

The End