Author's Notes:
Written for Challenge 197: Green Day, using I Was There at dw100.

Spoilers: Tiny ones for Donna’s time with the Doctor.

Summary: Donna always wanted to see the world, but she never imagined she’d travel the universe instead.

Donna’s never really been anywhere in her life. She doesn’t count the trips to Marbella and Magaluf with the girls from work for a bit of fun in the sun. Everybody does that.

She’s always wanted to travel, see things nobody else has, make something of herself, but working in a temp agency… What are the chances?

Then she meets him, the Doctor, and he turns her whole life upside down, and… It’s brilliant! Visiting the Ood planet is a lot to get her head around.

‘An actual alien planet! And I was there!’

She’ll never forget any of this!

The End