Author's Notes:
Okay, spooky! My second drabble for dw100, and it too came out at exactly 100 words first try!

Written for Challenge 001 – Accidents at dw100.

Figured I might as well start at the beginning and see how many of the prompts I can write. I like a challenge!

Spoilers: Tooth and Claw.

Summary: 1979? They didn’t quite end up where or when they were supposed to.

1979, the Doctor had promised, reeling off the important events of that year; world affairs, politics, science, culture… Apparently the Doctor was a bit of a punk; Ian Dury in concert was an offer Rose wasn’t about to turn down.

Really then, she shouldn’t have been surprised that instead of Sheffield in 1979, she found herself somewhere in the Scottish Highlands, from the looks of things, a century earlier, surrounded by men with rifles. The Doctor was unfazed.

“1879. Same difference.”

Well, not from where Rose was standing. For a Time Lord, the Doctor was really bad at time travel.

The End