The Mundane Things

by Masterpwn [Reviews - 8]

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1. A New Adventure [Reviews - 1] (275 words)
I know I'm working on both Ten Seconds and Welcome to the House!, but my muse hit me with a couple of these and I couldn't ignore them. Whenever my muse hands me one of these, I'll write it down, but I'm still focusing on the other two.

Not beta-d, so all the glorious mistaken mistakes are my own.

2. On Our Way Home [Reviews - 2] (232 words)
Chapter Summary:
On the zeppelin ride back to London, the Doctor starts thinking a little too much.

Things are a bit angsty right now, but they're going to be more humourous and fluffy later on.

3. A New Name, A New Life [Reviews - 1] (286 words)

The name "Doctor" doesn't work with official paper work, so he'll need a new one.

4. The Best Things Come in Small Packages [Reviews - 1] (180 words)
I almost posted what is going to be chapter five of this now but Muse slapped me and told me to write this and put it out there first.

5. With Carpets [Reviews - 1] (257 words)
Hats off to thanatosx49, who anticipated the dreaded carpets. Thanks to Tardis_Blue. UPDATE: Changed some dates around, from the original 2012 to 2015 to match up with a later thing. Sorry about that.

6. I'm Not Blowing This One Up [Reviews - 0] (163 words)
My Muse's skills at strange are possibly unparalleled, he's done it again. While these are entirely improvised, I'm not planning a single one, Muse has given me the finale of the whole verse before I even published this sixth chapter. (By no means does it mean there will be very few.) I could slap Muse, but then he'd stop giving me these.


Rose takes the Doctor clothes shopping.

7. Say My Name [Reviews - 0] (181 words)
Yep. Title is named after a totally irrelevant song.

8. Dinner [Reviews - 1] (864 words)
About a week after the shopping trip.

9. I'm on the Job! -I- [Reviews - 0] (217 words)
Thanks to HawkErin. Placed about a week after dinner.

10. I'm on the Job! -II- [Reviews - 0] (342 words)
I am so sorry for the long wait for an update! I didn't remember the setting for the first time the Doctor handed Rose the sonic screwdriver and I couldn't go back and check until recently. To make up for it, I will post the remaining chapters for "I'm on the Job!"

11. I'm on the Job! -III- [Reviews - 0] (484 words)

12. I'm on the Job! -IV- [Reviews - 1] (375 words)
I'm so silly I wrote -IIII- while drafting and had it that way for two days until I finally noticed and fixed it because that's not how that works.

13. Uncooperative [Reviews - 0] (260 words)
A few days after John starts his new job. Thanks to HawkErin.

14. The Mundane Days [Reviews - 0] (218 words)
Five days after the coffee conundrum.

15. Vroom! Vroom! [Reviews - 0] (520 words)
One week since contemplating the the mundanity of his life and finding it not so bad.

16. A Name We Know and Love [Reviews - 0] (214 words)
I'm going to start keeping track of time by the amount of days spent in Pete's world rather than saying how much time has passed between events so that it's all easier to keep track of. So, 28 days in Pete's World. (About two days after he began work on the engine)

17. Turn the Heat Up and Get Ready to Run [Reviews - 0] (242 words)
44 days in Pete's World. Sorry, it seems I forgot to post this chapter when I posted it on AO3.

18. Gathering resources, [Reviews - 0] (1404 words)
Let there be action! Yeah, you guys won't be expecting what I have in store for you...

Anyways... I was wondering what to write for days now, because like I said before, it's a lot more like improv writing than following anything planned, but then this struck. And now... Without further ado... READ ON!

19. the hard way. [Reviews - 0] (1829 words)
John and Rose gather the resources they need, but they have to get them the hard way. Continuation of "Gathering Resources" Eep! I'm sorry, my muse made me write it!

There's a bunch of alien names coming up, and I'd like them to be able to be pronounced in case anyone might have trouble saying them. Things like that can slow stuff down... So, yeah, here, this might help:

Shirklisies - is pronounced Shirk•lie•sees

Schvardvic - is pronounced something like Shard•Vic try and add a bit of V after the "sh".

Dracter - is pronounced how it looks, ck sound.

Zedfilictash - is pronounced Zed•fill•lick•tash.

Yep. Alien names.

20. New Beginnings [Reviews - 0] (271 words)
48 days in Pete's World.

21. Uniformity [Reviews - 0] (236 words)
60 days in Pete's World.

22. New World [Reviews - 0] (247 words)
92 days in Pete's World.

23. I got it, I got it, I got it! I don't got it... Oh, Wait! [Reviews - 0] (299 words)
John has a moment of panic, but everything turns out okay. 131 days in Pete's World.

The title is a reference to a famous line from High Anxiety (1977).

24. Complain, Complain [Reviews - 0] (226 words)
The TARDIS coral starts griping and John can't figure out what's wrong.

170 days in Pete's World.

25. Chapter 25 [Reviews - 0] (238 words)
181 days in Pete's World

26. Chapter 26 [Reviews - 0] (206 words)
204 days in Pete's World.