Wedding Bells

by Danny_B [Reviews - 6]

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Wedding Bells

Part 2: Suspicions

The Doctor strode into the lobby, deep in thought.  She had a feeling, nothing more than that, that Tegan's fiancé was more than he appeared to be.  However, if the Doctor investigated and Tegan got wind of it, well... The Doctor knew what Tegan could be like.  It could lead to the end of a long and beautiful friendship.  On the other hand, if she was right and did nothing, then Tegan might get hurt.  Which was it to be?  Had it been anyone else, she'd have chosen to investigate, regardless of the damage.  But this was Tegan she was talking about, one of the Doctor's closest friends.  It was a friendship that the Doctor wanted to keep.  But, she couldn't just stand by and let Tegan walk blindly into a possible danger.  A danger, the Doctor reminded herself, that may not actually exist.

As the Doctor entered the resort's pool area, the answer struck her.  It was so obvious that she'd actually overlooked it in her contemplation.  Mike Reilly, her companion, was an FBI Inspector.  The Doctor made her way to where Mike was sitting in one of the poolside deckchairs.  Ray was paddling nearby, watching the fish swimming in the pool around her.  The Doctor sank into the deckchair beside Mike.
"Mike, could I ask you a favor?"
"Sure thing, Doc."
"I think Tegan may be in trouble."
The Doctor explained what she'd seen, and by the end of her story, Mike was nodding in understanding.
"Conflict of interest, right.  Tell you what, I'll look into it."
"Thank you."
The Doctor rose and left the pool area, heading back up to the penthouse.

Back at the pool area, Mike was deep in thought.  He had none of the usual resources, none of the usual access that he was used to.  What did he have?  His gun, the Doctor and Ray.  Mike frowned at that last thought.  Would Ray be willing to help him?  He didn't know much about the mechanic from 1959.  Well, there was only one way to find out.  Mike rose from the deckchair and stepped over to the side of the pool.  After a few seconds, Ray caught sight of him and swam over.  Mike crouched down by the pool.
"Come in, Mike.  The water is lovely."
Mike shook his head.
"The Doc's asked me to look into something."
"Would you like a hand?"
"Frankly, yes."
Mike helped Ray out of the pool and handed her her towel, explaining the situation.  Ray listened closely, and when Mike had finished, nodded.
"So what is it you want me to do?"
"I was thinking you could keep an eye on the sister, Shelia Marsh.  I'll look into the boyfriend."
"Where would I find her?"
Mike indicated one of the other swimmers in the pool, the one the Doctor had pointed out.
"That is her?"
Ray nodded and slid back into the pool.  Mike turned and left the pool area, heading into the lobby.  The Doctor had given Mike Keith's room number, and the first thing to do was to take a discreet look around.  Once the opportunity presented itself.


The Doctor stepped back as Mr Purvis stepped out of the lift, then stepped into the now-empty elevator.  She knew Mike's job would be easier if he found someone who knew Keith, and who Tegan could trust.  Tegan had said she and Keith had first dated in high school, so the ideal person would be an old school friend who knew them both.

The lift stopped on level three, and Keith stepped aboard.  As he went to press the button for level 34, he noticed it was already lit.  He turned to the Doctor.
"Popping up to see Tegan?"
The Doctor nodded.
"I'm taking care of one or two of the arrangements."
"That's alright."

The elevator stopped on level 34, and the two of them stepped out.  The Doctor knocked on the door of room 3401, Tegan's penthouse.
"Come in!"
The Doctor entered, Keith behind her, and looked around.  Tegan was talking on the phone.
"...he's just walked in.  Hold on, I'll ask him."
Tegan placed the phone's mouthpiece against her shoulder, and looked over to Keith.
"Keith, you remember Barry Henderson?"
"Barry Henderson?"
The Doctor couldn't help noticing the confusion on Keith's face.
"You remember, he dated me just before you did.  Weren't the two of you on the First Eleven together?"
Realisation crossed Keith's face.
"Oh, him!  Yes, I remember now.  Haven't seen him in decades.  Why do you ask?"
Tegan indicated the phone.
"He's just on the line.  Didn't know I was engaged."
"What did he say?"
"When I told him, he invited us both out to lunch, to celebrate."
The Doctor knew that something like this, although unusual, was not uncommon among Australians.  The 'graceful defeat' routine, while endeavoring to remain friends with all involved.  So, why was Keith looking so put out?  Tegan hadn't noticed, the Doctor realised. 

The answer was obvious.  Because he had something to hide.  With that realisation, the Doctor knew what she needed to do.  She cleared her throat.
"Tegan, I just popped in to let you know I'll be bringing in the caterer."
"Right, Doctor."
The Doctor left the penthouse and entered the lift.  She needed to talk to Mike.


Five minutes later, Ray was beginning to get bored.  Sure, it was all very well to keep an eye on someone, but what do you do when the observed does nothing?  Because that's what Shelia was doing.  Nothing.  Just floating on one of the hotel's floats, passing the time.  Ray had hired another of the floats, just so that she didn't turn into a prune before Shelia decided to get out of the pool.  Just then, a movement caught Ray's eye.  A middle-aged man was making his way along the poolside, towards where Shelia's float was bumping against the poolside.  Ray gently paddled her float in that direction, just close enough to overhear their conversation.
"...Henderson's shown up.  An old friend of theirs."
"Shall I...?"
"Don't kill him.  Just put him out of the way.  Make it look like an accident."

Ray had heard enough.  Slowly, she paddled her float away, glancing back to see if she had been spotted.  She hadn't.  She reached the edge of the pool and hauled herself out, wrapping a towel around herself and picking up her toolkit.  Like she'd told the Seventh Doctor, she always carried it with her.  She knew she needed to find Mike.  She'd taken two steps towards the lobby when she saw Mike, walking into the pool area.
"Over here."
Mike spotted her and came over.  Before Mike could speak, Ray told him what she'd heard.
"Then they do have something to hide.  This Henderson guy's an old school friend of Ms Jovanka and the real Keith Marsh."
"So what do we do now?"
"We've gotta get to Henderson before they do.  You'd better get changed.  I'll meet you in the lobby."


1232 hours local time

Mike had been on stakeouts before, for both the LAPD and later on, the FBI.  There was a rack of brochures next to the concierge's desk, and this was where Mike had stationed himself, pretending to leaf through some of the brochures.  Ray was standing near the entrance doors, ostensibly waiting for a taxi.  Mike glanced over at the main entrance doors, just in time to see a middle-aged man walk in.  Mike watched as the man made his way across the lobby, to the concierge's desk.  He clearly heard the man introduce himself.
"I'm Barry Henderson.  I'm here to see Tegan Jovanka and Keith Marsh."
"They're in room 3401.  Just take the lift."
"Thanks, mate."
So, this was Henderson?  Mike stepped away from the rack of brochures and moved to intercept Henderson.  Just as he was close enough to reach out and tap the older man on the shoulder, a movement caught the corner of his eye.  There was a shout from Ray.
"Watch out!"
Mike took two steps and dived, tackling Henderson out of the way.  The older man coughed and spluttered.
"What do you think-"
Mike sprung to his feet and looked around.  The object - a fully-laden luggage cart - had run into one of the lobby's marble pillars, taking out a sizeable chunk of the marble.  Mike turned back to Henderson.
"That could have been you."
Henderson was visibly shaken.  Mike drew his gun and looked around.  Just near the staff doors, the blonde-haired form of Shelia Marsh was visible in the shadows.  Several members of the staff had come over at the sound of the crash.  Mike waved them off, and pointed to Shelia.
"She pushed it.  You'd better hold her until the police get here.  While you're at it, you'd better call the police, too.  Tell them to come up to room 3401 ASAP."
One of the bellboys nodded.
"Yes, sir."
The bellboy didn't have a clue what was going on, but when a man with a gun asks you to do something, you do it.  Even if the gun isn't pointing at you.

Ray joined Mike and Henderson at the elevator.  Mike nodded to her.
"Thanks for the warning, Ray."
"Ooh, not a problem."
Henderson managed to find his voice at last.
"Look, who are you and what's going on?"
Mike held up his hand.
"Not yet."
There was an electronic 'ding', and the lift doors slid open.  Mike ushered Ray and Henderson into the lift, then stepped in behind them, pressing the button for level 34.  As the elevator rose, Mike explained the situation.  When he had finished, Henderson nodded in agreement.
"I thought something was funny when Tegs mentioned it on the phone.  Last I heard of him, Keith was living in Darwin."
The elevator reached level 34, and the doors slid open.  The three of them stepped out, and Henderson knocked on the door of room 3401.
"Come in," called a familiar voice.

The expression of surprise on Tegan's face was mirrored on Henderson's.
"Hello Tegan, good to see you again."
Henderson turned to the man who had been waiting in the penthouse.
"Who are you?"
"Keith Marsh."
So, that was it, Henderson realised.  There was an uneasy silence, broken by Tegan.
"I thought you knew each other?"
Henderson nodded.
"We do.  But this isn't Keith."
"Excuse me?  Just because you've arrived on the scene too late..."

While this had been going on, Ray had been keeping an eye on Keith.  When he reached into his pocket, Ray tapped Mike on the shoulder.  Mike nodded.
"I see it."
Mike brought his gun up to cover Keith, at the same instant Keith placed his own gun on the back of Tegan's head.  Tegan froze, a mixture of surprise and disbelief on her face.  Keith's tone was almost apologetic as he spoke.
"I'm afraid he's quite right, Tegan.  I'm not the real Keith Marsh.  But, I have established myself enough."
"Enough for what?" Ray asked.
"To inherit the late Tegan Jovanka's fortune, of course.  That's what the meeting with the lawyer this morning was about, wasn't it?"
Tegan knew that lying wouldn't get her out of it.  She nodded.

Mike knew he had to act, and quickly.
"Drop the gun or I fire."
Keith's response was to move slightly, so that Tegan was between him and Mike.  Mike nearly swore.  If any of them acted, Tegan was dead.  If they didn't act, Tegan was dead.  She was going to be killed, and they could do nothing to stop it...


To be concluded...