And Yet She Stayed

by Nineveh [Reviews - 4]

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Title:  And Yet She Stayed
Fandom:  Doctor Who
Characters:  Charley, the Doctor (Eighth)
Prompt:  019 - and where I go, you'll be there with me; forever you'll be right here with me
Word Count:  488
Rating:  PG
Summary:  And if we're lost, then we are lost together.
Author's Notes:  Originally written for 50lyricsfanfic over on LJ.  Doctor Who belongs to the BBC.  I'm just borrowing it for fun.  Spoilers through Storm Warning to Zagreus.

She asked to go with him without even realizing the implications of such a request.  He never thought she'd stay; if she found out about what he'd have to do because of her survival, he knew she'd leave.  And so he kept it to himself as much as he could.

And she stayed.

She was there when they faced Cybermen together, and again when they fought the Daleks.  All throughout their adventures, no matter how potentially traumatic and disturbing, she never swayed in her decision to travel with him.

Even when he took ill, he had vague, dreamy memories of her sitting at his bedside, just talking to him and looking after him.  He hadn't been terribly surprised, but was kind.  She wasn't under any obligation to watch over him as if she were his nursemaid.

He tried to take her to new and exciting places, but more often than not they found more trouble than they were looking for.  He didn't mean to put her in danger as often as he did.  If anything, he tried to keep her out of it.  After all, he couldn't let anything happen to her.  Not when he was beginning to realize how deeply he cared for her.

And still she stayed.

Even when she discovered the truth, that she had been meant to die aboard the R101, she didn't leave him.  She offered herself to the Time Lords while he tried to keep her from them.

She had even offered herself to Death, albeit by his own hand.  She would choose to sacrifice herself for the good of the universe despite her wish to stay with him, despite how she felt about him.  And when faced with that choice...he couldn't leave her to her fate.  He would have rathered die himself and give her the chance to live out her life than see her die.

And he did.

And still she stayed.

With the threat of Zagreus and his violent personality changes, still she stayed with him as best she could.  Not even at the end of it all did she leave; she gave him peace when the time came for it.  She was strong where he had failed.  And he loved her ever more for it.

She gave him peace and effectively cured his mind of the plague that was Zagreus but not his body.  He knew he could no longer stay; no more Daleks, no more Cybermen, no more Earth...  And that wasn't fair to expect her to give up her home simply because he was unable to set foot on his own homeworld any longer.

But in the end, he knew chasing her from the TARDIS was futile.  She loved him.

She would stay.  She'd find a way back in.  She was resourceful like that.

She would stay and they would be together.