Ten Seconds

by Masterpwn [Reviews - 1]

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  • Teen
  • Swearing
  • Action/Adventure, Introspection, Mystery

1. I'm Doctor John Smith [Reviews - 1] (3281 words)
Chapter Summary:

The Doctor receives a distress call on the psychic paper from a highly telepathic creature residing in the United States and finds nothing like he expected. He and Donna are dragged into a crazy adventure by an even crazier person and no one knows where they'll wind up.

2. With Luck and the Right View [Reviews - 0] (3871 words)
Chapter Summary:

The Doctor and Donna take on a new person in the TARDIS, but is she anything like the way she seems? Or is there something stranger going on?

3. In the Darkest Dark [Reviews - 0] (2611 words)
Chapter Summary:

The Doctor learns more about the mysterious girl, and it's more than just her skill with poetry.

4. I Built a Lovely Sand Castle [Reviews - 0] (2488 words)
Chapter Summary:

The Doctor and Donna are learning more about the little enigma in the TARDIS besides her exceptional building skills. Said little enigma makes new enemies as a lovely day at the beach goes sour....

5. Tony Stark is the Best [Reviews - 0] (2903 words)
Chapter Summary:

From the beach to the parking lot, from the parking lot to the car, from the car to the backyard, from the backyard to the nuke shelter. 1, 2, 3, 4...

6. And the World Will Burn [Reviews - 0] (4568 words)
Chapter Summary:

A serious development occurs for our newest companion.

7. Life's Like a Box of Legos [Reviews - 0] (2649 words)
It has taken me a while to write this because I kept doing just that over and over. (Trying to keep true to character while saying what I'd like to be said) Eventually I decided to cut the chapter a bit short just to get something posted for y'all (Right at the end of a conversation rather than an annoying cliffhanger). So here we are.

Chapter Summary:

The Doctor and Amanda sit and build Legos. Somehow it's nicer than it sounds.

8. That's Not How That Works [Reviews - 0] (2789 words)
There is a scene in which a graphic scene is described in detail. It begins with "They both take in the scene." If you wish to skip this, skip two paragraphs. Begin again at "The room itself..."

Chapter Summary:

Taking a bit of time off, the Doctor takes both Donna and Amanda to a planet where Donna relaxes and he teaches Amanda Venusian Karate. However, this place has more going on than it seems, and something dark is claiming its vengeance...

9. Eye of the Storm [Reviews - 0] (3420 words)
Eherm. Measurements are in imperial form. Sorry for those who use the SI system, but I was never taught anything else, or if I was, it didn't stick because we don't use it where I live.

Chapter Summary:

Things go to Heck in a hand basket really fast.

10. Now the World Really Burns [Reviews - 0] (4681 words)
This story contains some action with violence in it such as fighter planes being destroyed with occupants still in them. Mostly destroyed aircraft. Also, if you are an extreme plant lover and can't bear the thought of them being burnt to dust, this is not the chapter for you. Continuation of "Eye of the Storm"

Here's the longest chapter yet to make up for the long absence from posting. Enjoy.

Chapter Summary:

With the cat out of the bag, massive destruction is unleashed and defeating an old enemy is going to take sacrifices...