Return to the Home by the Sea

by Rose of Pollux [Reviews - 0]

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  • Drama, General, Mystery

1. In What We Tell You [Reviews - 0] (2506 words)
The characters aren’t mine, and the story is! This fic is a sequel to last year’s Halloween fic, “Smith & McCrimmon Investigative Services, Ltd,” and while I’ve done my best to keep it as independent as I can from that fic, there will be some references to it. Also, as with that fic, this will be written in Jamie’s POV. Lastly, there will be Weeping Angels involved this time around, but I’ve worked it out so that the Doctor will have next-to-no contact with them, so as to preserve the timeline. As with the first fic, this one is Season 6B

2. From Above and Below [Reviews - 0] (1660 words)

3. Eyes that Hold Despair [Reviews - 0] (2922 words)

4. Adrift Without Direction [Reviews - 0] (3019 words)

5. Longer Nights of Gloom [Reviews - 0] (3895 words)
And this is the final chapter! The mention of the green gems is a nod to the Doctor Who Legacy game, in which you frequently have to resolve paradoxes and temporal disturbances by matching gems. Thanks again to everyone who followed this fic!