The Fateful Adventure

by fizzwizz15 [Reviews - 67]

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1. Part One [Reviews - 11] (1265 words)
Well here it is....FINALLY! This story features the names of the authors who wrote back to me with my roundrobin 'I would like to ask a favour' and here it is....the story in which you will become monsters. *warning* if you are a particularly awful monster it is nothing personal nor is how long your part in the is really hard having to write a story with 17 individual monsters with their own identity and strengths, weaknesses etc.

2. Part Two [Reviews - 7] (1791 words)
Not very well written but i've tried. :)

3. Part Three [Reviews - 4] (903 words)
Sorry for taking so long to update but i have had so much going on in my life that there was no free time at all...any way i do now so here is the next...exciting and insane...chapter!

4. Part Four [Reviews - 4] (896 words)

5. Part Five [Reviews - 6] (1300 words)
Ok...this chapter is dedicated to EmeryBoard who is the one of the best writers and one of my regular reviewers! If anyone who reads this and hasn't read her work then...GO READ IT! Any way I hope you like it Emery and everyone else! i have seriously abused the Doctor and Rose in this story haven't I? heehee...sorry. I couldn't help myself.

6. Part Six [Reviews - 4] (1203 words)
I updated so soon because otherwise EmeryBoard would hunt me down... :) Well here it is and i just want it known that EmeryBoard was the first person in WhoFic fan monster history to have killed Rose.

7. Part Seven [Reviews - 6] (1259 words)
Phew...three updates this week! Go me! lol. Ok this is a REALLY badly written chapter and you have to imagine them falling out of the sky the entire time...Hopefully it isn't that bad and you will be able to get what I am trying to get across...ek. Any way enjoy!

8. Part Eight [Reviews - 6] (1868 words)
Ok here is the next installement where you will see what happens after the Doctor and Rose have fallen out of the sky.

9. Part Nine: Back to the Beginning... [Reviews - 5] (892 words)
Ok so now you know what has happened at the start of the story and now I am going to continue where I left off in the first chapter... Two more chapters till the end!

10. Part Ten [Reviews - 5] (950 words)
Ok Second last chapter and our two heroes are in danger beyond comprehension as the Doctor suspects that there was more than just coincidence involved with the day's events.

11. Part Eleven [Reviews - 4] (887 words)
Ok This is the SECOND last chapter....This really doesn't fit in with the final chapter so I've decided to split it into a chapter for itself.....enjoy! Summary: The Doctor and Rose are under ANOTHER threat and we are one step closer to finding out who has masterminded all the fateful things in this adventure! SECOND LAST CHAPTER!

12. Part Twelve: Conclusion [Reviews - 5] (8359 words)
Well here it is...the FINAL CHAPTER! WOOHOO! I said it was going to be very long is. :) I suggest you grab something to eat before you sit down and read it...or a strong coffee you won't pass out halway through it. Just want to say thankyou to all 17 authors who came forward to let me use their names in my story and I dedicate this chapter to them for if it wasn't for them then this story wouldn't be here. ENJOY! Hopefully you wont get confused...:)