1. Martha Jones (During the Year That Wasn't) [Reviews - 0] (1215 words)

Disclaimer: Breaking Bad characters and situations owned by Vince Gilligan, Doctor Who and related fandoms owned by the mighty BBC.

Thanks to: Astrogirl, who went above and beyond the call of duty with post-posting virtual handholding, too.

Timeline: *takes a deep breath* Chapter I takes place between episodes The Sound of Drums and Last of the Time Lords in Doctor Who, shortly pre-pilot for Breaking Bad; Chapter II takes place in early season 3 for Breaking Bad, post The Runaway Bride and pre Partners in Crime for Doctor Who; chapter III is set during Torchwood: Miracle Day and directly after the series finale Felina for Breaking Bad; chapter IV takes place after The Green Death and before The Time Warrior in Doctor Who (see also: UNIT Dating Controversy), and mid season 3 of Breaking Bad; chapter V takes place shortly after The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith on The Sarah Jane Adventures and at an indeterminate point post Felina for Breaking Bad.

Warnings: references to canonical violence in all shows concerned; Jesse's equally canonical cursing habits

Author's notes: Originally written for the Remix 2014 Ficathon, based on the story "Welcome to the Neighbourhood" by SegaBarrett.

2. Donna Noble (No Longer A Runaway Bride) [Reviews - 0] (1778 words)

3. Jack Harkness (During Miracle Day) [Reviews - 0] (2680 words)

4. Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart (in the 70s, or are it the 80s?) [Reviews - 0] (3389 words)

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