Daily Domestics

by Ccohen [Reviews - 3]

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Day 1

William Noble wore an itchy suit. He never felt comfortable in a suit anymore. That being said, it was a far sight better than a tuxedo. Nothing good ever happened when he wore a tuxedo. He was impatient to proceed. He hated waiting, waiting was boring. Waiting while his future in-laws stared intently at him was just plain disconcerting. He had promised to behave. If nothing else, the slight headache from last night's pub crawl with Jake and Rhys was keeping him a bit subdued.

The last time he (well, the other him) had done this was over 700 years ago. He had stood across from a woman he had never met and wasn't sure he would like. Their parents stood by ostensibly to watch the blessed union, but more likely to make sure neither the bride nor groom bolted. He was only mildly curious about his bride to be. He didn't expect to love her and held little thought that she would love him. It just wasn't the sort of thing Gallifreyan nobility did. The ceremony was brief, contractual in nature, and over in time for lunch.

Will Noble mused over the differences. He couldn't wait to be married to his lovely Rose Tyler, but did they really have to go through the spectacle of a wedding? He felt like a three ring circus had taken over their little village in Scotland. St. Edmunds had never seen the likes of Jackie Tyler organizing her daughter's wedding. He and Rose had wanted something simple. Jackie wanted something out of Hollywood. The three laid out their plans in one of many long phone calls between Scotland and London.


6 months prior....

"You want to get married at work?" Jackie screeched with disbelief.

"Mum, it's not like I work at an accountancy firm with cubicles and fluorescent lighting. The Humanities library is beautiful. I showed it to you the last time you visited us," said Rose. Will could hear Jackie's harangue through the phone line from across the kitchen. His beloved was gently banging her head on the kitchen table. Her knuckles were white from clenching the phone. He gestured for her to hand the phone over and she gladly complied.

"Hi Jackie, Will here, yeah, I know it seems crazy to get married where you work." He perched on the counter, phone to ear, while making the occasional "umm" or "uh huh" noise in response to whatever Jackie was saying. Rose looked at him, anxiety flashing across her face. Will winked conspiratorially at Rose.

Will lowered his voice and spoke to Jackie in a stage whisper. "Look, Rose just went to the loo. I completely understand your worries." He took a sip of tea from his mug. "I have an idea though. There is this 12th century castle on campus, very romantic, and gorgeous." He hopped down from the counter and began to pace as the phone cord allowed him. "No, I'm not kidding, and guess what? Rose absolutely loves the place," he paused as Jackie jumped back in. "Yes, there's room for everyone, and it can have a center aisle for her to walk down." Jackie's squeaking continued through the phone. He sat down next to Rose on a kitchen chair and gave Rose a huge grin as he continued to talk. "I would be happy to, I'll put a deposit down tomorrow. Oh, let's keep this between us for now. I'll figure out how to tell Rose. Okay, Jackie, I'll ring you tomorrow when the deed is done." He hung up the phone and turned to face a bemused Rose.

"She's gonna kill you when she realizes the perfect 12th century castle is in fact, the Humanities library." She straddled his lap and gave him a very warm kiss.

"Oh, the things I'll do for my bride!" he said kissing her back.

"Oh the things I'll do to my groom!" Rose whispered through her saucy grin and then there was no more conversation for awhile.


Day 1 10:40 am

Will sat back in his office behind the library. Four other men were lounging about with him waiting for the ceremony to begin. James and Neil Whittaker-Holcomb sat to Will's right. They were his oldest and dearest friends in St. Edmunds. Both had been instrumental in guiding Will to the alter and had also given him a view of what a good partnership should look like.

Jake Simmonds sat on his left. Jake was one of the few people that knew his and Rose's real history. Jake always accepted Will for whoever he was at the time, the Doctor, John Smith, and now Will Noble. He was also Rose's former Torchwood partner, best friend, and previous drinking buddy. He knew Rose before she found her way back to the Doctor, and the troubled time when she returned with the Metacrisis.

Rhys rounded out the group. His wife Gwen was a dear friend and Rhys made a nice addition to the group. He was a mathematics teacher at the local school and he and Rose had bonded over their frustration with the "bigger on the inside brains" of their partners. They would bemoan the times when Will's technical upgrades destroyed another appliance or when Gwen would begin to loudly lecture a poor unsuspecting shop clerk who innocently called her "love" on women's rights and sexism.

They had decided to forgo the whole 'best man/maid of honor" thing. They had too many people in their lives to sort out who was most important. Rose also, for all her innate girly-ness, had many more male friends than female. Instead, they decided to have "best mates" to join them in the ceremony. No real role, just to be up there to lend support and perhaps to run interference.

Twenty minutes to thought Will. He couldn't wait to see Rose. She had spent the night at Gwen and Rhys' citing it bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. He had spent a restless night in an cold, empty bed cursing stupid human traditions. He scrubbed at his face to shake off cobwebs and began to pace.

Jackie burst into Will's cluttered office. Really, bursting in was the only way she ever entered a room. Will looked helplessly at his friends. "C'mon then, time to line up," she ordered knocking Neil's feet off the desk and slapping Jake on the back of the head. Will's mates dutifully and silently obeyed. It seemed that "running interference" was off their job descriptions.

Jackie inspected each of them. No matter their relative age or stature in life, she treated them all like 9 year olds, fixing ties, folding back collars, and in one unfortunate moment, using her thumb and spit to wipe a smudge off Jake's face. She came last to Will. "Beautiful 12th century castle-you git!" She smiled, "I'm glad you tricked me, it looks beautiful out there. Rose is so happy." Jackie turned towards the others. "Out you go, Gwen will get you lot organized. I'll be right there." She looked warmly towards Will, "Alright then plum, ready for this?"

"I feel like I've been ready forever," said Will. Will took Jackie's hand in his own. "This wouldn't have happened if you hadn't raised the most amazing girl on the planet. And it wouldn't have happened if you and Pete hadn't showed me trust and compassion when I barely had earned it." He kissed her cheek, "Thanks Mum."


Day 1 11 am

Jackie left him to rejoin Rose and Pete before the start of the ceremony. Before long, Will heard the beginning sounds of the processional and walked down the hall to the library. He peeked through the door and saw what seemed like the entire student body and staff of St. Edmund's university seated there. The ancient stone walls glowed warmly in the morning sun. The bookshelves had been polished within an inch of their woody lives, the books dusted. All of the library furniture had been removed to make the space into a chapel of sorts. Not wanting to trust Scottish weather, they moved a bit of the outdoors inside. A trellis threaded with ivy and flowers would serve as their backdrop.

Will was cued by the officiant and stepped out in front of the trellis. The assembled quieted as the wedding party began to make their way down the aisle. First came Rose's brother Tony, and Callum, their neighbor's son. They each held a small velvet pillow with the rings. Then followed all their best mates. Gwen, as the only woman in the party was first. She wore a black lace gown that fit over the swell of her pregnancy. She was followed by her husband and then the rest of the men. They all made their way up the aisle, full of smiles for the couple. The music then changed to the Wedding March and the guests stood up.

Will's heart pounded and he felt like he couldn't breathe. There she was, flanked on either side by Pete and Jackie. Oh, Rose was full of surprises! Her dress was one she wore months ago, a beautiful vintage dress in cream and black. She wore it the first time she told him she loved him. The time when all the walls came down.

His bride looked gorgeous. She wore a cream veil with a crown of flowers in her gently curled hair. Her smile was enormous. She held a bouquet of mixed wildflowers. She wore the pearls he had given her as a wedding present. She joined him in front of the trellis after giving both her parents a kiss.

The format of the ceremony wasn't much different from his first Gallifreyan marriage hundreds of years ago and a universe away. What was different was the feelings that swelled through him as he faced his beautiful bride, his best friend, his lover...his life.

Within a blink of an eye, there were vows, rings, kisses, dancing, champagne, bouquets, goodbyes, and a retreat to their little home at 11 Peabody, St. Edmunds, Scotland Dr. and Mrs William and Rose Tyler-Noble.


Day 1 8:30 pm

The new couple spent their wedding night in a fairly traditional fashion Clothes were strewn throughout the bedroom. Rose was flushed trying to pull a zipper across a taut seam. "Almost there Rose, you can do it...Yeah, just like that, one more inch. C'mon love..." panted Will.

With a great heave of breath, Rose managed to get the stuck zipper around the corner to secure the overstuffed suitcase while Will had tried to align the corners tightly. She collapsed on the bed. "That's it, last bag is packed," stated Mrs. Rose Tyler-Noble as she zipped up the suitcase. "I can't believe we left it to the last minute."

Will lifted the heavy case from the bed. "Well, I may have had a lot of practice traveling, but with the TARDIS, I never had to do much packing." This was their first traveling adventure without the TARDIS. He wasn't used to booking rooms and planning itineraries. Their own baby TARDIS coral still sat in storage at the Torchwood vault. Will had the nutrient bath formula sorted out, but hadn't had time to start the growth process yet. They both sat quietly, remembering the third member of their little family.

Rose wrapped her arms around him, "you okay? I know this is really different for you."

Will gave his wife (his wife!) a kiss. "I miss Her. It is different without the TARDIS." He swallowed back the lump in his throat. Rose held him tighter as he regained control of his emotions. He leaned back to look in Rose's eyes. "It's different, but different with you is brilliant, and we can't sit still our whole lives just because our mode of transportation has changed!"

"Soon enough we'll get the coral growing, one day she'll be with us again," Rose said with a hopeful smile. "Until then, it's just you, me, and luggage."

Will glanced anxiously around at the two suitcases and small rucksack. "Is this enough stuff for a month long trip?" They were headed to Morocco and would travel onto Algiers and Tunisia.

Rose wrapped her arms around him. "I figured we will have to do some washing along the way." She nuzzled into his neck and whispered into his ear, "and I saved a lot of space by only packing space-saving, teeny, tiny, scanty, nightclothes..." She heard him take a deep breath in.

"Well now my dear wife, should we test them out, it is our wedding night?"

Quality control went on well into the wee hours.


Day 34

Will wasn't sure whether or not to blame it on something fellow travelers were passing along or his endless fascination with eating anything and everything from food vendors in North Africa. All he knew was he wished he was dead. Rubbish Metacrisis physiology! He had started feeling a bit "off" on the last leg of their trip home. By the time they hit British soil, he was well and truly sick. The train from London to St. Edmunds was quite the spectacle. After the first 3 or 4 times of Will sicking up, they had driven off most of the other passengers and practically had the compartment to themselves.

Rose had been an angel though. She dragged him home from the station and put him to bed. Wet flannels, warm hands on his chilled body, flat soda to sip. By the following afternoon , he had decided he might just live and had managed to eat a few crackers and was lounging on the couch watching television. He was even starting to feel a tiny bit hungry.

He had begun to smell something from the kitchen. Something really good. Something chicken-ey. "Rose? What are you making? It smells good."

"It is good. It's my mum's chicken soup recipe. Eh, don't make that face!" Will had grimaced thinking of Jackie Tyler's limited culinary skills. "You can't judge all my mother's cooking by her Shepherd's Pie." Ugh, he was getting nauseous again thinking of the pie. "Here you go!" said Rose plunking down a bowl of pleasantly golden soup with bits of chicken and carrots floating about. A few noodles swam around the chicken. It smelled wonderful and he took an experimental sip. It tasted sublime.

"Oh that is just lovely," he said taking another spoonful. By now Rose had joined him with her own bowl of soup. She cuddled up close and slurped up a noodle. Will turned to look at her with an apologetic mien. "I guess the honeymoon's over. The romance must have washed off me on the flight to Heathrow." He grimaced. "Those poor flight attendants."

Rose waved her hand at him. "This is life. I take care of you, you take care of me...remember, trouble is just the bits in between!"

"And besides, if I come down with this thing, you are soooo in trouble mister!"