Boxing Day

by nostalgia [Reviews - 22]

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  • Het, Humor

1. The Bit After The Bit After This Bit [Reviews - 8] (608 words)
A horrid, horrid crack!fic which is like a distressing sequel to The Christmas Invasion, only not.

2. The Prequel To The First Bit [Reviews - 3] (1101 words)
This is the prequel bit that happens before the previous bit that happened after this bit.

3. The Bit After The First Bit [Reviews - 1] (1339 words)
After the horridness with the Doctor and Jackie, hair is dyed and Rose has emotions of some sort.

4. A Bit Where Not Much Happens Except At The End [Reviews - 2] (665 words)
Just so we're all clear, this story has a tight and consistent plot that makes total sense and will unfold at a clever and interesting pace.

5. Another Bit [Reviews - 8] (775 words)
It's all going downhill, really. Sorry about that.