by anunearthlydalek [Reviews - 1]

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  • Alternate Universe, Angst, Character Study, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Introspection, Missing Scene, Series

Author's Notes:
This is my first ever fanfic written. I hope you guys like it! Reviews would greatly be appreciated :) Fish fingers and custard for all who do review...

This drabble takes place right after "Earthshock". I know many don't like Adric, and neither do I. But for a small amount of time, I was barely content with the character when I watched "Earthshock"--he well off knew what would happen to him if he died on the freighter. And when he did die, it was a bit heartbreaking. He was only a kid. And I saw how depressed Five was when this happened, and now I'm taking matters into my own hands...

He died.

Adric died right in front of him.

The last thing he wanted just did happen.

He was only a boy (fifteen years, he remembers). He didn't deserve to die--even if it was on his own volition. Adric was under his care, and he failed to protect him. He let him die on his watch.

And it's all because of those Cybermen.

The universe had been toying with him ever since he started his travels.

He's had enough. No more mister nice guy. He didn't care who judged. He was done with being toyed around with.

Now he thinks that Tegan and Nyssa will too. He needs to protect them. Protect them from the horrors of time and space, and the darkness that is to be him.

The universe just lost its only sliver of goodness. All because it went too far.


The End.