Moments In Time

by Freya [Reviews - 2]

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  • Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Humor

1. Mess [Reviews - 0] (180 words)
Doctor Who randomizer: Tegan Jovanka/Second Doctor/what could have been

I have no idea how or when this happens. All I know is that it does.

2. Mistaken Identity [Reviews - 0] (217 words)
Black Guardian/Jackie Tyler/an honest mistake

This was just too good to pass up!

3. Senseless fun! [Reviews - 1] (232 words)
Jo Grant/Captain Mike Yates/a sense of style

4. What glitters isn't always Glitz! [Reviews - 1] (281 words)
So this prompt is two fold. One of course from the Doctor Who randomizer and the other is from a challenge of having Glitz come back (where Mel has returned to Earth and is living with her parents) and try to 'win' her back.

Mel Bush / Glitz / breaking a promise

5. The Caretaker [Reviews - 0] (116 words)
Some things never change. (Spoiler) For the caretaker only if you haven't seen the trailer.