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“Yes, Ace?”

“Can we go shopping?”

The Doctor looked up from the console. “Why do you want to do a thing like that?”

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe I just want a normal day out without getting shot at for once,” Ace replied, somewhat irate.

“Go on then,” the Doctor sighed. “But you know I don’t carry any money with me.”

“I’m not asking you to pay, I just fancied looking. And I do have my own money, you know. I didn’t work my arse off at that crummy diner for nothing.”

The Doctor pulled the lever after punching in the co-ordinates. A short while later; they landed in the middle of an empty shopping precinct somewhere in England, during the late-80s. Both Ace and the Doctor stepped out, looking around.

“It’s quiet,” said the Doctor. “Too quiet.”

“Who cares?” replied Ace. “Let’s go shopping!”

She grabbed him by the sleeve and pulled him along to the nearest shop. It was a record store, a plethora of vinyls lining the window. “Ahh, Ace! They’ve got Queen!” she gasped.

“Um, Ace?”said the Doctor. “Surely your Iceworld money won’t work here?”

“Got it changed, didn’t I? Wasn’t planning on staying in that dump forever.”

They entered the shop and the bell gave a small tinkle as the door opened. It was completely empty. Not even the shopkeeper was there. Picking up a copy of One Vision, she placed the record gently on the counter.

“Hello?” she called, hoping someone would be in the back of the shop.

Nobody came, so she leant over the counter, picked up a paper bag and hastily scribbled a quick note. Leaving the correct change with the note, she and the Doctor left with Ace clutching the record to her chest.

The Doctor was still frowning over how deserted the place was, but his questions were quickly answered.


Ace and the Doctor looked at each other.

“Never a dull moment, hey Professor?”