Calling the Doctor

by Shivver [Reviews - 5]

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1. First Call [Reviews - 3] (1844 words)

2. The Angler in Motley [Reviews - 1] (1659 words)

3. A Tempting Proposal [Reviews - 1] (2017 words)

4. For This Moment [Reviews - 0] (2501 words)

5. An Unexpected Quarter [Reviews - 0] (2569 words)

6. Spoiling the Broth [Reviews - 0] (4335 words)
This is an unofficial, alternate story for this series. I got the idea in my head to do this and though it's not really what I wanted to do in this series, I just had to write it.

7. The Message [Reviews - 0] (2006 words)
In case you’re wondering why this story is in this collection now:

This story, “The Message”, is my headcanon version of how the calculations for hiding Gallifrey got started, and this short story collection, Calling the Doctor, originally had a different story for that event, called “Starting the Calculations”. I recently realized that they don’t have to be different. So, I have added this story to Calling the Doctor (with some modification, as it was not well-written the first time), then removed the part about starting the calculations from “Starting the Calculations” and renamed it as “First Call”.

8. The Piper's Tale [Reviews - 0] (1683 words)