The Age of Paradox: Book Two- The World of Paradox

by Marcus S Lazarus [Reviews - 1]

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1. Starship UK [Reviews - 1] (3071 words)
Disclaimer: I don't own what you recognise; the drill should be familiar to you by now

Feedback: I'd appreciate it; I'm trying to do something a bit different here

AN: The second story in my 'Age of Paradox' AU, featuring the Eleventh Doctor and Amy travelling together in a world where Faction Paradox survived the Eighth Doctor's destruction of Gallifrey in 'The Ancestor Cell', with the result that the Doctor spent his last few lives mostly alone until he met Amy (For the record, the War Doctor and the Tenth Doctor's half-regeneration in 'Journey' End' didn't happen here, so the Eleventh Doctor is just the Eleventh Doctor; might not be a big detail, but I thought it best to say that now)

2. Very Old, Very Kind, and the Very Last [Reviews - 0] (4103 words)
AN: Just to reassure people, I am planning to diverge more from canon as time goes on; right now I'm just establishing the Doctor and Amy's new dynamic in this new timeline by exploring how canon has been altered in more subtle ways by looking at some of the more interesting episodes, and then I'll get on to some original storylines.

3. The Home Box [Reviews - 0] (2506 words)
AN: OK, we're going into the alternate 'Time of Angels'/'Flesh and Stone' here, so before anyone starts making comments about how I erased Mels from existence in the original story, I assure you all that I do have a plan; for now, all you need to know that temporal complications involving her Time Lord heritage have resulted in River Song still existing despite Mels having been erased when the Doctor returned for Amy ahead of schedule, and more details will be revealed as the series unfolds.

AN 2: In advance, I will be sticking with some of my own thoughts on River; I apologise in advance to any die-hard fans of her out there, but there were certain aspects of her character I just didn't like even in canon, and my plan for her in this series is going to be particularly complicated…

4. The Maze of the Dead [Reviews - 0] (4462 words)
AN: In advance to anyone who wonders about the differences between Amy's actions here and what she did in canon- all other changes tie in to that change; I think the result works- keep in mind that this version of Amy has spent the last few years 'training' to be the Doctor's companion; she still enjoys her travels, but she's more serious about it and has a clearer idea what she can do to aid her friend in a crisis (And the Eleventh Doctor's had the chance to 'mature' a bit as well as opposed to his original approach; having to act as Amy's responsible teacher has given him some new priorities)

5. Onto the Byzantium [Reviews - 0] (2933 words)
AN: Sorry this chapter took a while; with the Angel in Amy's eye no longer an issue, I had to put some thought into adjusting the subsequent storyline appropriately…

6. Through the Forest [Reviews - 0] (3480 words)
AN: One of the episodes that diverged from canon more than I expected; really, you wouldn't believe how many things can be amended simply because I stopped that Angel getting into Amy's eye

7. An Anomaly in Venice [Reviews - 0] (2441 words)
AN: Another episode rewrite, as the Doctor and Amy experience the events of 'Vampires of Venice' without Rory; hope you enjoy what I have planned

8. Confronting the Calvierris [Reviews - 0] (3056 words)
AN: Hope this chapter goes down well; Amy's confrontation with Signora Calvierri was trickier to adapt than I expected (For the record, the Doctor's efforts to sneak into the school via the lower passageways worked out the same as in canon, apart from the obvious detail that he wasn't accompanied by Rory)

9. The Two Falls [Reviews - 0] (2598 words)

10. Outside the Universe [Reviews - 0] (3738 words)

11. Meeting the TARDIS [Reviews - 0] (2910 words)

12. Talking with the TARDIS [Reviews - 0] (4310 words)
AN: Hope you enjoy this chapter (I skipped over the Doctor's talk with Uncle and Auntie, but it was just the same as it was in canon and covered nothing you didn't know already); a few more divergences from canon, as Amy finds herself facing additional threats in the House-TARDIS, and the Doctor has a few things to say to the human-TARDIS about its role in creating this new timeline…

13. Shifting Fears [Reviews - 0] (4465 words)

14. Anomalous Artwork [Reviews - 0] (2030 words)
AN: A shorter start, but I hope you'll find the overall plot interesting (And I CAN promise you an original story arc once this one's over)…

15. A Day with Vincent [Reviews - 0] (3843 words)

16. Pleasant Reunion, Shocking Request [Reviews - 0] (2439 words)

17. The Dark Request [Reviews - 0] (2237 words)

18. Back to Skaro [Reviews - 0] (1607 words)

19. Outside the Hatchery [Reviews - 0] (2441 words)

20. The Insanity of Davros [Reviews - 0] (3406 words)

21. Preservation of Destruction [Reviews - 0] (3215 words)

22. The Land of Dreams [Reviews - 0] (2391 words)
AN: Not my best chapter, but I felt that the events of this episode merited a rewrite considering the nature of the Doctor's main adversary in this storyline

23. The Other Doctor [Reviews - 0] (1782 words)
AN: A bit of a twist here, but considering that we all know what the Dream Lord really was, I felt that it would be a nice opportunity to incorporate my personal favourite into this story.

24. The Truth Behind the Dream [Reviews - 0] (2997 words)

25. Old Victory, New Nightmare [Reviews - 0] (1996 words)

26. The Secrets of Uxaerius [Reviews - 0] (2521 words)

27. The Daughter, the Cult and the Crack [Reviews - 0] (2978 words)

28. Naming the Daughter [Reviews - 0] (2418 words)
AN: Thanks to the stargate time traveller for suggesting the new name for the Doctor's daughter; I had my own idea, but once his suggestion was brought up, it just felt right, both for the reasons Amy reveals here and my own personal fondness for it

29. The Shaking Earth [Reviews - 0] (2055 words)

30. From Beneath [Reviews - 0] (3491 words)

31. Into the Earth [Reviews - 0] (1858 words)

32. Pleas Against War [Reviews - 0] (2798 words)
AN: Once again, a few scenes have been skipped to focus on what was actually changed from canon, but I make reference to what happened in them anyway, and I hope you enjoy the results

AN 2: It comes up as a brief reference later in this chapter, so I'll just reiterate this now; in this timeline, the Doctor never regenerated into his War incarnation, and the Tenth Doctor never had his half-regeneration, so the Eleventh Doctor still has two regenerations left to him even if he naturally doesn't want to use them

33. The Silurian Conference [Reviews - 0] (5305 words)
AN: Sorry this one took a while; it was a tricky rewrite for several reasons, but I think the final result is worth it

34. Changes in November [Reviews - 0] (2963 words)
AN: This begins a major 'mini-arc' of this series that will explore one of my favourite fictional concepts once this immediate crisis has been dealt with; hope you enjoy what's coming up…

35. Retreat to the Church [Reviews - 0] (2317 words)
AN: Just to re-clarify, in this timeline, without the Time War and the Sisterhood of Karn to have an impact on the Doctor's regeneration 'pattern', the Eighth Doctor regenerated directly into the Ninth Doctor as portrayed by Christopher Ecclestone. Based on available evidence, I believe that Time Lords will 'naturally' regenerate into certain incarnations unless subject to some extreme external influence, as the short story 'The Touch of the Nurzah' and the audio 'Klein's Story' basically saw the Third and Seventh Doctors regenerate into their next incarnations far earlier than they were meant to, and yet they still regenerated into the familiar forms of the canon Fourth and Eighth Doctors when the time came (in 'Nurzah' the Doctor didn't fully regenerate because he was healed by an alien entity mid-regeneration, and in 'Klein's Story' the regeneration took place in an altered timeline that the alternate Eighth Doctor went on to erase).

The reason I bring this up is to confirm that the Doctor that met Rose and Jackie while tracking down the Autons was the Ninth Doctor as portrayed by Christopher Ecclestone, as, based on this theory, he's the Ninth Doctor the Eighth would have regenerated into if he'd regenerated without the 'aid' of the Sisterhood's potion; it's a minor detail, but I wanted to clarify it

36. Family in the Church [Reviews - 0] (2794 words)

37. The Second Death of Pete Tyler [Reviews - 0] (2529 words)

38. The New World [Reviews - 0] (1665 words)

39. Party at the Tylers' [Reviews - 0] (2057 words)

40. Siege of Tyler Mansion [Reviews - 0] (2719 words)

41. Infiltrating Battersea [Reviews - 0] (1979 words)

42. Into the Power Station [Reviews - 0] (2696 words)
AN: To get this out of the way in advance, scenes with Pete and Rose won't be covered here because they're the same as in canon; the other groups will obviously have different conversations due to the different group dynamics

43. The Cyber-Lumic [Reviews - 0] (2698 words)

44. Five New Worlds [Reviews - 0] (3548 words)

45. Meeting the First Alternate [Reviews - 0] (2629 words)
AN: Some spoilers here for 'Auld Mortality', as well as the novel 'Lungbarrow', which depicted some details of the Doctor's departure in flashbacks (I'm skimming over some of the details of Susan's origin from 'Lungbarrow' to keep the storyline simple, but nothing that really impacts the overall plot)

46. History Unbound [Reviews - 0] (1354 words)
AN: In advance, to confirm what's coming up, when the Doctor, Amy and Natalie travel to the alternate worlds identified in this chapter, they will arrive at the moment the audios 'Full Fathom Five' and 'Exile' ended; Rose will visit the reality witnessed in the audios 'Sympathy for the Devil' and 'Masters of War', but some time after the events of both of those adventures, so the exact events won't be explicitly referenced

47. The Woman Exile [Reviews - 0] (2985 words)

48. The Darkest Doctor in the DEEP [Reviews - 0] (4252 words)
AN: As we enter the timeline of 'Full Fathom Five', I will concede to taking a few personal liberties in terms of how and when that reality diverged from the one we know, as the only thing we know for certain is that the Doctor in that reality revealed at he had used up 'most' of his lives by the time of the audio. For simplicity's sake, I chose to interpret that to mean that the 'FFF' Doctor has used over half of his regenerations at least, and took it from there to assume that he diverged from canon at some point after the time of the Eighth Doctor we're familiar with, which would also justify why he didn't just call the Time Lords for help while he was stuck on Earth.

In the end, my conclusion is that the FFF Doctor as portrayed by David Collings was a Ninth Doctor who regenerated on his own at some point after the destruction of Gallifrey in 'The Ancestor Cell'; other details will be provided later.

49. The Fourth Alternate [Reviews - 0] (2900 words)
AN: And here I introduce the fourth and final alternate Doctor that my TARDIS crew will gather to help them face their latest threat.

AN 2: For the record, once all the Doctors are together, the term 'the Doctor' will be used to refer to the Eleventh Doctor we're all familiar with; terms of identification for the Unbound Doctors will be established as appropriate, and they may not all be referred to as 'Doctor' all the time, but I hope it will be sufficiently clear who's who.

50. The Heart of the Collapse [Reviews - 0] (2529 words)
AN: To ensure there's no confusion, this chapter will open from the perspective of the newly-regenerated 'Full Fathom Five' Doctor; just remember that this is a newly-regenerated Doctor portrayed by Alan Davies, and everything should be fine from there.

AN 2: A few references to the Eighth Doctor novel "The Gallifrey Chronicles", which I've tentatively chosen as the moment when the timeline of the 'FFF' Doctor diverged from the canon we're more familiar with, but I won't go into great detail about it

51. The Fall of the Valeyard [Reviews - 0] (5015 words)
AN: To clear up a few continuity details, the Doctor and the newly-regenerated Doctor share all knowledge of the Sixth and Seventh Doctors' encounters with the Valeyard from the audio The Last Adventure and the book Matrix, but they only know about the events of 'Stage Fright' out of the full set of Last Adventure, as the Valeyard was undercover for 'End of the Line' and 'Red House' and the Sixth Doctor's sacrifice in 'The Brink of Death' erased the Valeyard's near-victory from history.

AN 2: On that note, this chapter will include dialogue taken directly from the end of the Unbound audio He Jests at Scars, so obviously some spoilers from that audio are included here.

52. Parting with the Alternates [Reviews - 0] (2248 words)
AN: The final chapter in this story, but there's a twist or two at the end of it…