Author's Notes:
Thanks to Feral for the motivation to write the sequel and also all the people who reviewed SoB! NOTE: This isn't betaed so forgive any errors

Time had passed since Rose first accepted the changes; however she was still unsure of this new Doctor.

Stop it! It’s still the same old Doctor I know and love’ she thought

‘Yeah, sure he is, just has different clothes, and hair, and body, and grin, and attitude, and pretty much everything else! And the Doctor you know and love, come on, you barely knew him before this happened and love where did that come from?’ A voice niggled at the back of her head.

‘His eyes are slightly the same, that is enough, and love well I used to love him; I know that for certain, but now well…’

‘I’m right aren’t I; your feelings towards him have changed, and are a few specks of blue really enough Rose? Is it?’

I DON’T KNOW! I am still getting used to it all so leave me alone’

As she raced down the corridor, mind flooded with thoughts she ran straight into the Doctor.
“Rose are you-” he started
“Just stay away from me, you caused this so just give me some time to sort myself out, alright?” and with that she stormed away, trying to find somewhere to relax.

She just kept walking around and around, until she found one of the many gardens, complete with a little waterfall. She lay down on the grass, beside the waterfall and relaxed, as she dreamt of the old times and the adventures with the Old Doctor, Her Doctor in Cardiff 1869.

Trapped in that dungeon, so close to death, as the Gelth grew closer, they looked into each others eyes and he told her how he was so glad to meet her. He grabbed her hand, and held onto it squeezing softly and filling her with so much warmth, comfort and a sense of safety. Sparks flew through her at the contact of their hands and even now it still felt so real, as if he was there with her.

And that was when she woke up…

She raised her eyes to see the Doctor, kneeling beside her, and blocking the artificial sunlight, and turned away from him, ashamed of the way she acted earlier.
He put his hand under her chin and turned her back to face him and she stared into his blue specked-brown eyes. As she stared, she felt his hand squeeze hers and familiar sparks ran up her hand and through her body.

That was all she needed, that familiar warmth, comfort she felt in that moment, to convince her he was her Doctor. It made her realise that he was still there, he was always there, that feeling she had in the dungeon was still the same, she just hadn’t look deep enough to find it, and it took a dream, a memory to find him again.

‘What did I tell you? He is still here, my Doctor, the Doctor I know and love, ’ she thought.
There was no reply to this, for her doubts and insecurities had disappeared.

“Not so different after all” she murmured unaware she had voiced it, and he smiled.

He would always be there, holding her hand, no matter what shape or form, or when, even while she dreamt.