The Lightning Strike

by YaniCardaria [Reviews - 2]

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1. What If This Storm Ends? [Reviews - 0] (1016 words)
Inspired by Snow Patrol's The Lightning Strike; give it a listen if you have the time. This trilogy has come to fruition through the unintentional help of a friend who introduced me to this song, and a fellow author who wrote a piece inspired by it -- so thanks for that.

2. The Sunlight Through the Flags [Reviews - 0] (1538 words)

3. Daybreak [Reviews - 0] (1246 words)
I'll be adding a small prequel/epilogue from Rose's perspective, for those interested. :)

4. The Lightning Strike [Reviews - 2] (201 words)
I'll miss 11 when he goes... I wish all the best to Matt Smith! Thank you for such a great Doctor!

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