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Jamie didn’t have a problem with technology, normally. He didn’t understand it even a little, but he didn’t care because it didn’t matter and anyway, the Doctor always liked being the one to teach him knew things, and he knew it gave Zoe a little bit of joy to explain certain things to him. He knew he had other valuable skills, so his mastery (or lack thereof) of certain technologies was irrelevant.

Except the toaster.

No one else in the TARDIS was really one for breakfast— Zoe didn’t eat much and the Doctor always slept in, especially since he didn’t have Victoria to cook for him anymore— but Jamie, so he was often left to his own devices. Toast was easy (in theory) and fast, so that was his go-to item, or it would be, if he could ever work the bloody toaster.

One morning, earlier than he’d wanted, the Doctor woke up, and more unsettlingly, it was because he could smell smoke. He threw a dressing gown on over his pajamas and went to explore the source of the smell, and sure enough it was coming from the nearest kitchen. He peeked in and saw a pile of abandoned, blackened toast on the table and heard Jamie muttering. “C’mon, ye foolish thing, jus’ don’t burn it this time.” He sounded frustrated and annoyed, but the Doctor didn’t think any harm would be done— and he didn’t want to embarrass Jamie by explaining something so simple as the toaster— so he just smiled and went back to bed.

Later in the morning when he found the toaster in a hundred pieces on the kitchen floor, he didn’t ask any questions.