The Doctor was, as always, running. He was at an airport, although for the life of him he couldn’t remember what it was called, though it seemed very familiar. He slipped behind an old building and leaned against the wall, trying to catch his breath as he straightened his bow tie. He’d always loved how much running there was to do in his life, but without Amy it felt different, sadder somehow. Still. He was busy, and that was good.

What was less good was that he wasn’t alone behind the building. Two other men were there, one older, with a lined face and an absurd mop of dark hair, and the other only a few years out of being a teenager, with wide blue eyes and soft, round features. If the Doctor was taken to swearing he would have cursed so badly a sailor would cover his ears. That was why the airport looked familiar: he’d been here as a young man with Jamie.

Jamie was looking at him curiously, hand tentatively on his Doctor’s arm. “Doctor,” he murmured, not taking his eyes off the unfamiliar intruder.

"Not now, Jamie," his Doctor said, observing something off in the distance. The Doctor wanted to shake him and tell him that damn it, Jamie was the most important thing in his life for a very long time and he’d better appreciate him while he had him. All at once he was flooded with memories: Jamie laying eyes on Victoria Waterfield for the first time and falling in love instantly, and Jamie kissing her goodbye. Jamie becoming fast friends with Zoe, at her side as friend and companion, even if she teased him something awful for his fear of unicorns.

And then their goodbye, painfully torn away from each other by the Time Lords, his memory and Zoe’s wiped so that they would only remembering meeting him and nothing more. Jamie wouldn’t ever remember loving Victoria or teasing Zoe. Zoe would only barely remember Jamie. And then it got worse, somehow, when in his Sixth self he arrived too late and had to see Jamie die.

All of that made the Doctor miss him something fierce, made him miss everyone he’d lost, from his very first flirtation in Cameca up to and including Amelia Pond, off living her normal life with her normal husband. He took a few steps forward and put his hand on a confused, defensive Jamie’s shoulder.

"Jamie," he murmured, sure that this was the very last time he would ever lay eyes on him. "I have missed you all my lives and I still haven’t even started yet. I’ve seen everything with you and yet I barely know you. I’ll spend a forever with you and I’ll never see you again, and I know none of this makes sense, so trust me when I tell you that you are so very, very loved."

Jamie didn’t say anything, shocked into silence, and as the Doctor walked away, neither Jamie nor his past self saw him start to cry.