Your eyes don't know me yet

by bored_blogger [Reviews - 0]

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  • Het, Romance, Vignette

Author's Notes:
Disclaimer: nothing belongs to me. Even the idea. The title is a little bit edited but still recognisable line from Ed Sheeran's "Kiss me"

This is what you get rewatching this moment countless times.

He is standing in the shadow so that she can't see his face. For her he is just a stranger, drunk because of the New Year's Eve. She asks something. He barely notices. He senses concern in her voice and can't help smiling: it's so Rose to pay attention to a stranger's unease.

She doesn't know him yet, doesn't know how to match him, how to be his salvation. She is so young, so innocent. Just a child in comparison with the woman she became. The woman he left in the parallel world.

He is falling for her all over again.

The lantern's light makes her shine. Ironical, isn't it? She used to be his personal sun illuminating dark corners of his soul. It's all in the past for him, he is in the darkness again. But she has a whole life ahead. He wants to tell her how fantastic and brilliant she is, how she made him better, how many lives she saved.

"I bet you gonna have a really great year!" is all he can manage to say. And it's not enough to express even the smallest part of everything he wants to tell her, but it's enough to make her grin wider.

She doesn't realise the significance of this meeting. He knows it's for the best.