In Her Absence

by cyberjulie [Reviews - 2]

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  • Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, General, Hurt/Comfort, Introspection, Standalone

1. Prologue [Reviews - 0] (963 words)
I am not going to reveal a lot of the inner workings, the hows and wheres and whys, of this story's germination. My hope is that in the telling, all will be made clear why certain choices were made. Besides, I think of writing as a form of magick, the art of conjuring something from nothing...evocation, if you will...and a magician never reveals (all) her secrets. Will there be further explorations, further returns to this time? Well, there already have been, and others may come to mind. They certainly won't be as long as this, but my protagonists are two characters I have come to care about dearly, and I hope they'll allow me to observe their lives from time to time, and further still, allow me to share those stories with you.

Now, please find your seats. The house lights are dimming, the orchestra is tuning up, and as the actors take their appointed places on the stage...
...we begin.

2. Part One: Of Discoveries and Disappointments [Reviews - 0] (8365 words)

3. Part Two: Of Doctors and Daemons [Reviews - 0] (9111 words)

4. Part Three: Of Daemons and Flame [Reviews - 0] (11092 words)

5. Part Four: Of Recovery and Reward [Reviews - 0] (15992 words)

6. Part Five: Of Peril and Impropriety [Reviews - 0] (11320 words)

7. Part Six: Of Subterfuge and Suspicion [Reviews - 0] (11678 words)

8. Epilogue [Reviews - 2] (2526 words)