1. Something Doesn't Feel Quite Right [Reviews - 2] (2235 words)
The characters aren’t mine and the story is! Redkilt pretty much inspired this after she and I were tossing ideas around, and I decided to work on this as my month-long Halloween project (my other projects will be temporarily on hold); if there’s enough interest in this, I might write a sequel—or even a series. This is also an experiment in character POVs; since I’m going for a pseudo-film noir feel here, I’m writing this in Jamie’s POV. Also, this is Season 6B.

2. It Took Place in a New York Cemetery [Reviews - 1] (1719 words)
The expanded universe’s take on Gallifreyan biology suggests that Gallifreyans, like cats and certain other animals, have tapetum lucidum in their eyes, which allows for enhanced night vision—with the side effect of reflecting light that strikes their eyes so that they seem to glow, which is why I have the Doctor’s eyes as described in this chapter.

3. Welcome to the Home by the Sea [Reviews - 1] (1663 words)

4. Just Waiting for the Morning Light [Reviews - 1] (2029 words)

5. As We Relive Our Lives [Reviews - 1] (2876 words)