Your Choice

by Starjargon [Reviews - 0]

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  • Character Study, Drama, General, Introspection, Series

Author's Notes:
Not really sure where this came from, just felt it had to be written. Spoiler for Name of the Doctor. Please Review.

Rory Williams had loved Amelia Pond from the first day he met her. Despite all of their differences, despite the rumours about her, her reputation, the way she treated him, his young heart was always hers. He loved her temper, her resourcefulness, her flirty manner and her sarcasm. He loved her smile and her hair and her skirts and her attitude. So, when he lost her, on the day he killed her, and he was faced with the choice of being away from her for a moment or protecting her for a small eternity, it was an easy choice to make.

But then there was the other choice. Then there was Apalapucia. Then there was a plague and time streams and kindness. And his beloved Amy was left waiting- for him. That was one thing that should never be. And he had to choose. The Amy he knew and grew up with and loved and couldn’t lose or the Amy who had become a stranger, who had grown away from him, whom he loved and couldn’t lose. And it was an impossible choice.


Amy Pond had loved two men her entire life. One was real. One was imaginary. And though she knew she wanted a life with Rory Williams, wanted a family and a forever with him, she wasn’t sure she wanted one quite yet. She had waited so long for a dream, and had never truly given up on it. And just when she thought she could move past it, her imaginary man came back, just for a moment, and rocked her life once more. So when her imaginary friend returned once more, and offered her the chance to be with him and delay her ordinary life for awhile yet not delay at all, it was an easy choice to make.

But, then she realized how much she needed her Rory. How growing up meant moving past childish dreams. How real life meant much more than always waiting. And when offered the choice between staying with her Raggedy Man, who whisked her away and always helped her escape, or going with her Centurion, who grounded her and always helped her face her problems, even though it was painful- it was an easy choice to make.


Melody Pond had never had a choice before. Sure, she was wild, and crazy and independent, but her fate was sealed moments after she was born. She was a weapon- a trained assassin. A psychopath. She did her duty and killed the Doctor and ended the “war.” Yet, he had given her a choice. Her first. Be Melody Pond- the woman who killed the Doctor, or River Song, for whom he had called constantly since the moment she changed. Be the woman who would fight him to the death because they made her or the only woman who got to call him Sweetie. And when she saw him lying there- caring and loving and fighting for the River he knew until the end, and she saw who she could choose to be, it was an easy choice to make.

But then there was the Library. There was the him who didn’t know her yet still fought for her. Then there were the monsters she couldn’t see and the final silence that took her. There was her unchanging, unreturned love and her memories. And a him who still saved her. And then a him who couldn’t bring himself to come back. There was Trenzalore. A him who did love her. A him who couldn’t let her go. A him who would drive himself mad if she let him. So, when she had the choice of teaching him to say goodbye and breaking his hearts or saving him once more from the pain of finality, it was an easy choice to make.


The Doctor was the king of tough choices. He had made them his whole life. They would haunt him if they let him. They did haunt him when he wouldn’t let them. So many deaths and lives and losses and loves. But then he met River. A woman who seemed to know him. Not just what he let occasionally slip to companions, but all of him. Who loved him. Who died for him. Who saved him in more ways than one. So when he met her again and once more had to decide if he wanted that devotion, he couldn’t do it. He didn’t want it. But he did so much. He tried to leave. But then he couldn’t leave. He needed to go. He couldn’t go. It was an impossible choice.

But, then there was the astronaut suit. Then he forgave her. Then he released her from any responsibility. Then he accepted his fate and prepared to disappear. Then she saved him once again and destroyed time. She refused to let him go. He couldn’t out- beg her, couldn’t reason with her, couldn’t persuade her. And when he looked into those eyes, so full of hope and love and the same devotion of so long ago, he didn’t want to. He could tell her, just pull her close and let her in on the secret. He didn’t have to let it get too far. He didn’t need to let her become the name- knower of the Library. Didn’t need to let her close to him. All he had to do was communicate a secret. But he saw her. The way she once saw him. Completely. And he knew her. Knew all of her. And he loved her too. But the universe was wrong and he still had to choose. He could choose whether to let her be either the one to murder him or the one to marry him. He was never really one for choices anyway.