Almost Therapeutic

by time_lady [Reviews - 1]

  • All Ages
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  • Alternate Universe, Character Study, Standalone

Author's Notes:
Got inspired to do this after discovering Mr. Capaldi's fanart from about 3 years back of the Fourth Doctor. Here's the result.

When Clara's asleep, spending hours fixing the TARDIS console isn't distracting enough for him anymore. Just the motions themselves are reminder enough of all the things he's done, all the places he's been. All the people he's missed. Not only that, he can't bear to stay in one place too long. The interior of the console room feels too old, too cold. Or maybe it's just him.

He finds that this incarnation has an ability to draw pictures. Not merely stick figures, like that previous one, who saved a far-too familiar face from the fires of Pompeii (and wasn't he just too human?). So he starts using his time alone doing sketches from memory of people he meets on his adventures. People he can help. Some he can't. And some who are too far gone for him to do anything for. Soon he's done enough to fill up a whole room or two with little notebooks full of portraits.

And he finds it almost therapeutic.