Endings and Eternities

by LKS358 [Reviews - 99]

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  • Alternate Universe, Crossover, Romance

1. Prologue [Reviews - 6] (836 words)

2. Chapter 1 [Reviews - 2] (2124 words)

3. Chapter 2 [Reviews - 5] (2180 words)
Hello, lovely readers! I definitely should have mentioned this before, but this story takes place after the end of Broadchurch, meaning that there WILL BE SPOILERS. This is a spoiler-free chapter, but the next one will not be.

Thanks so much for all your support!

4. Chapter 3 [Reviews - 4] (2934 words)
I tried to upload this last night, but it wouldn't go through for some reason, so here it is now! Also, Broadchurch spoilers start here!

5. Chapter 4 [Reviews - 7] (2585 words)
Thanks so much for the support, everyone! I really appreciate it!

6. Chapter 5 [Reviews - 5] (2553 words)
Here, have some fluff!

Also, I apologize if updates start to come less regularly - school's starting to pick up and I've got a lot going on right now. I will try my best to update as often as I do now, though!

7. Chapter 6 [Reviews - 7] (2534 words)
As always, thanks so much for reading and reviewing! Enjoy!

8. Chapter 7 [Reviews - 9] (2412 words)
Thank you for being patient with me, lovely readers! Enjoy the chapter!

9. Chapter 8 [Reviews - 8] (2261 words)
Sorry again for the longer wait the the shorter chapter! Real life is taking over, unfortunately. Thanks for all the support and encouragement!

10. Chapter 9 [Reviews - 11] (2649 words)
Thanks for sticking around, lovely readers! Enjoy the chapter!

11. Chapter 10 [Reviews - 8] (3015 words)
Thanks so much for your patience, everyone! I was hoping to get this chapter up sooner, but it was more work than I expected. Enjoy!

12. Chapter 11 [Reviews - 8] (3100 words)
Hello! I have to apologize for the massive delay. I can't believe I was away from this story for such a long time, and I am so immensely grateful for everyone who has encouraged me to continue it. I really hope that I have some readers left after my long absence, and if you have stuck with the story, thank you so much. I hope you all enjoy the chapter, and I promise that you can expect more soon!

13. Chapter 12 [Reviews - 3] (3774 words)
Hello, dear readers! Sorry for the wait - this chapter took a bit more work than I expected, but I'm pretty happy with where it is now. Consider the length of it a thank you for your patience :)

14. Chapter 13 [Reviews - 3] (2466 words)
Enjoy the chapter, everyone! :)

15. Chapter 14 [Reviews - 2] (3478 words)
Getting close to the end, now! Thanks for all the love and support, and enjoy the chapter :)

16. Chapter 15 [Reviews - 3] (2736 words)
Hello, lovely readers! This story is wrapping up - only this chapter and an epilogue left! Thank so much for reading. Your support means the world to me :)

17. Epilogue [Reviews - 8] (1143 words)
So this is it: the end! Thank you so much to everyone who stuck with this fic, and to everyone who has reviewed and supported it. I've loved writing this story, and everyone of you who has read it means so much to me. Thank you! I'd love to hear from you all one last time. Enjoy the epilogue!