When Push Comes to Shove

by ashlanielle [Reviews - 25]

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  • Teen
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  • Alternate Universe, Angst, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Series

1. Part One [Reviews - 8] (2136 words)
This is the first follow-up story. And it's VERY angsty! The other ones I have planned won't be this much angst/drama...promise! This could probably contain triggers. It deals with serious subject matter, but absolutely nothing graphic! Not in ANY way!

Face Down–Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

2. Part Two [Reviews - 4] (2016 words)
Never Too Late--Three Days Grace

3. Part Three [Reviews - 4] (3287 words)
This chapter is rough. There are some memories of past events but they are not described, just hinted at.

Your Guardian Angel–Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

4. Part Four [Reviews - 3] (2794 words)
This one is a lil rougher than the last one. It's more...I guess you can say psychological. Let me know what you think.

Save Me–Remy Zero

5. Part Five [Reviews - 6] (2979 words)
Ok...this is it. I'm sorry this isn't the best conclusion I've written. I hope you like it anyways.

Stand--Rascal Flatts