1. I'll Do Anything For Love But… [Reviews - 1] (1605 words)
I am reposting this story as I am currently working on the last remaining chapter in honor of the fiftieth anniversary. I love Doctor Who and it’s so rich with history with all of the different Doctors, that I wanted to celebrate that. If you’re familiar with Classic Who, you’ll recognize a lot of the references.

2. The Little Rascals [Reviews - 1] (5341 words)
I simply adore the entire history of Doctor Who and am quite surprised that it's not referred to more in actual canon. This story will reflect some canon and some famous quotes and not so famous quotes from the various Doctor's throughout the series. This just makes it more fun for me. :)
Brolly is British slang for umbrella and nappies are diapers. Loki is a god from Norse mythology who was known for being a trickster.
The children's names are taken from various actors during the show's history and two have even provided double duty such as Ian for the character of Ian portrayed by William Russell and Ian Marter who played Harry Sullivan, and Sarah for the ever famous Sarah Jane Smith and also for Sarah Sutton who portrayed Nyssa. I'm sure you'll recognize the third as well as all the rest. ;)

3. The Oncoming Swarm [Reviews - 1] (4076 words)
Jack met all of the Doctors in So, 11 Doctors Walk Into A Bar, it's also when he lost all memory of those two years. ;) You also might remember Four's hookah from Deadly Assassin.

4. Nursery Run [Reviews - 0] (6952 words)
Sylvester McCoy, AKA the Seventh Doctor, played a butler named Crud on Sky TV's Ghoul-Lashed series. The memories that Susan and David will be referencing are from The Dalek Invasion of Earth, it was Susan's last televised story with the Doctor until The Five Doctors.

5. You Don't Know Jack - Part One [Reviews - 0] (4928 words)
If I have managed anything with this story, I hope it is to inspire a few laughs and motivate a few people to discover the magic of the first eight Doctors if you haven’t already. They’re not simply deemed classic because of their eras.

I did my best to honor a great series and I hope that I pulled it off. I’m sorry that it’s in two parts but believe me, it would have just been way too long otherwise. :) So here you go, the first part of the final chapter of Labor’s love and believe me, it really was a labor of love and one I enjoyed more than I ever thought that I would. Happy 50th anniversary, Doctor Who! :D

6. You Don't Know Jack - Part Two [Reviews - 0] (7538 words)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything in relation to Scooby Doo.