And Then There Was One

by SpaceTimeConundrum [Reviews - 4]

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  • Alternate Universe, Hurt/Comfort, Mystery, Romance

1. Gallifrey Falls [Reviews - 3] (2303 words)
I wasn't supposed to be writing this one yet because I'm already working on another story. Couldn't get this opening chapter out of my head though, so here it is. Updates on this one will be slow, you've been warned.

Note on the Master - even though it's not supposed to be Ainley!Master since this version still has his own regenerations left and hasn't been doing any body snatching, that's whose voice was in my head when I wrote him.

**Update!** - In light of certain revelations about the Moment in the 50th anniversary special, I've edited this opening chapter slightly. I also took the opportunity to fix a few bits while I was at it, so you may wish to re-read this chapter if you're returning to this story.

2. The Sum of His Memories [Reviews - 0] (1975 words)
This chapter has been sitting on my computer waiting for me to finish it for far too long. Sorry about that.
Comments on this chapter: Yellow Fork is fictional. And I'm very sorry Fivey, for what I am about to do to you.
Thanks for reading!

3. If You Open Your Eyes [Reviews - 0] (1692 words)
It's about time I updated this thing, isn't it? I do believe I promised a bit of a mystery, so here we go! And yes, I will be starting every chapter with a quote from the Doctor.

4. The Illusion of Normality [Reviews - 1] (2546 words)
Heeeeyyyy.... remember this fic? I sure do! After a long hiatus, I've resumed work on it, with intent to actually finish the thing, so stay tuned!
Note regarding terminology: I've used the term "Indians" here to refer generally to aboriginal Canadians rather than "First Nations" because that's how they would have been referred to at the time; the current preferred nomenclature, as far as I can tell, has only been in use since the 1980s.

5. A Straight Line [Reviews - 0] (3026 words)
Still writing this story, more soon.

6. Dreams Are Important [Reviews - 0] (3898 words)
Told you I was actually working on this story. ;)

7. Mad In Some Way [Reviews - 0] (5595 words)
Whoo boy, we're getting close to the end here folks. Three more chapters, and I've already got half of that written. Hold on to your hats!

8. Terrible Things [Reviews - 0] (5996 words)
This chapter is not for the faint of heart. Lots of blood, medical stuff, disturbing imagery. Reviews are always appreciated.

9. Courage [Reviews - 0] (6880 words)
I'd apologise for this, but I'm a terrible person. Final chapter will post tomorrow after one last editorial pass.
I did a TON of research for this chapter. Absolutely none of the medical stuff John does in this is very safe and should not be replicated by anyone.

10. Nothing Can Be Eternal [Reviews - 0] (3356 words)
AND IT'S DONE!! Thanks and eternal gratitude are due to my readers, everyone who left comments or favs, listened to me bitch about plot things and writer's block (you know who you are), and helped with all the research this required (special mention goes to my partner, who looked up heaps of info on period-appropriate pharmaceuticals for me).

I hope you all enjoyed this story. If you've made it all the way through to the end, please do leave me a comment letting me know what you thought, even if you're reading this months from now. I'm always delighted to hear from you guys.