Nine Lives

by Beshter [Reviews - 91]

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  • Teen
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1. A Little Fire Between Friends [Reviews - 5] (1209 words)
AN: This has percolated in my computer for a while. I am still working on it, but needed a bit of a break from my X-files fic and decided to throw this out there. Enjoy!

2. New Faces and Old Enemies [Reviews - 3] (2254 words)

3. A Rose By Any Other Name [Reviews - 5] (1395 words)

4. Bad Wolf [Reviews - 3] (1382 words)

5. TARDIS [Reviews - 4] (3875 words)
AN: One of the things that I always find funny about the Doctor with Rose more than with some of his other companions is that tension between annoyance and admiration. One moment he thinks she is amazing the next he is berating her or the human race for something. I like playing with that tension as I think it speaks to where the Doctor is at the moment in his life and also to the alien-ness of the character. He doesn't think anything about keeping those two things together, even if we think it is odd.

6. Gymnastics and Window Dressings [Reviews - 3] (2358 words)

7. A Bit of Showing Off [Reviews - 4] (889 words)

8. Could Use With A Car Park [Reviews - 3] (1759 words)

9. Death and Chips [Reviews - 3] (2747 words)
AN: Here is where things will slow down for a bit. I have caught up to where I'm writing! I hopefully will finish that chapter today and perhaps will have it ready for tomorrow, but life is busy and my X-files fic also demands attention too. So please be patient if I only get to it once or twice a week. This week is busy with concerts and singing so it will be slower than most. Thank you guys who have taken this little story to your hearts and please be patient! I'll make it worth your while.

10. For A Human [Reviews - 3] (1441 words)

11. If These Walls Could Talk [Reviews - 1] (1689 words)

12. Veritas Fortius [Reviews - 3] (2515 words)

13. The Estate of Affairs [Reviews - 2] (1847 words)

14. Locked in a Cabinet [Reviews - 1] (1659 words)
Apologies for a longer than anticipated silence. Life is life, and stress has a habit of inducing writer's block. Thank you for your patience.

15. And Miles To Go Before I Sleep [Reviews - 2] (1227 words)

16. Oh The Places You Will Go [Reviews - 1] (2479 words)

17. Beware the Jabberwock [Reviews - 3] (1038 words)

18. The Enemy of my Enemy [Reviews - 2] (1513 words)

19. And I Love Her [Reviews - 2] (1479 words)
AN: Most dialogue is from the episode, thus not mine. I apologize for the long wait. Real life relationship issues, coupled with applying for/being accepted in a Ph.D. program sort of ate the fall for me and created writer's block. This is my attempt to break the funk.

20. Three's A Crowd [Reviews - 2] (1266 words)

21. The Place Between [Reviews - 1] (1299 words)

22. What We Have Lost [Reviews - 1] (2492 words)

23. A Very Bad Idea [Reviews - 1] (1736 words)

24. Fatherly Advice [Reviews - 4] (1890 words)

25. On A Streetcorner [Reviews - 2] (2076 words)

26. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas [Reviews - 3] (2082 words)

27. The Constant Doctor [Reviews - 2] (2677 words)
AN: There is not much new story here, more the Doctor's perspective. So no dialogue is mine. The creepiest episode ever in my opinion, even more so than the Weeping Angels.

28. The Time Agent Dilemma [Reviews - 1] (1558 words)

29. Whatever Is Impossible [Reviews - 3] (1549 words)

30. A Rift In Things [Reviews - 1] (2152 words)

31. The Fine Art of Dancing [Reviews - 1] (1895 words)
AN: While there is no one canon decision on how Time Lords are made, I have never been a fan of the whole "loom" business. And I feel that the new series has sort of been hinting at a more sexual rather than asexual reproduction model, and DotD seemed to indicate the average Gallifreyan has family units, so I would assume that Time Lords wouldn't necessary be all that different than the rank and file, but that's just me. I will run with my happy, Gallifreyan-baby theory, darn it!

32. A Do Over [Reviews - 2] (2167 words)

33. Sushi and Swordfights [Reviews - 2] (1654 words)

34. The Pied Piper [Reviews - 1] (1216 words)

35. The Death of Rose Tyler [Reviews - 1] (1226 words)
AN: Oye, you know, a girl goes back to school, loses her mind. Fixed some things and now all should be right with the world with this story. Apologies for all the confusion.

36. The Oncoming Storm [Reviews - 1] (1958 words)
For those confused...yeah, sorry. Now I have the chapters in the right order. And all is well with the world! Yeah, I blame grad school!

37. The Parting of the Ways [Reviews - 1] (2994 words)
Sorry for those confused by my mix ups the last chapters. Thank you for sticking through it.

38. The Golden Goddess [Reviews - 3] (2786 words)

39. The Moment [Reviews - 4] (2606 words)
This is the end of my very first Dr. Who fanfiction, (not the first one posted, just the first one I started). This has been about a year and a half in the making, and the ending has changed, but I think I like it. Thank you for all of those who followed and commented. And will there be a sequel, perhaps...there is a method to my madness with this scene, and I will see if I want to tease it out any. Thank you for reading!