The Endless Doctor

by Beshter [Reviews - 5]

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1. Destiny [Reviews - 1] (1281 words)
AN: This is a CRACK story. I had the pleasure of meeting Neil Gaiman just the other night, and at the event he discussed many things, including Doctor Who and Sandman. And so while sitting there listening to this amazing storyteller, this tale came to me, weirdly enough. So I've massaged it a bit and here we go.

2. Desire [Reviews - 0] (2203 words)

3. Delight [Reviews - 0] (1288 words)
AN: Those of you who know the grand story arch of the Endless know that Delirium was once Delight and then something awful happened. No one said what or when it happened. Given the nature of the Doctor as a time traveler I figured it wouldn't be that strange for him to have run into Delight.

4. Destruction [Reviews - 1] (1052 words)

5. Despair [Reviews - 0] (1370 words)

6. Dream [Reviews - 0] (1848 words)
AN: Of all the Endless I somehow figured that Morpheus would be the one that the Doctor recognized the best. Most people do. Hence why he knows him off the bat unlike so many of the others because frankly we all dream! Also, for those who don't know, the comic book series is named for Morpheus, as he is the titular "Sandman".

7. Delirium [Reviews - 0] (1097 words)
AN: And now Delight is back, only she is Delirium. I always had a soft spot for her.

8. Daniel [Reviews - 0] (1056 words)
AN: The climax of the Sandman series is of course the story of Morpheus, the price of his sins, and Daniel. Morpheus "dies" while Daniel becomes the new Lord of the Dreaming. But the Endless, like Time Lords, don't really "die" as such, more they become something new. As was explained in the story, it wasn't so much the death of Dream as the death of a point of view.

9. Death [Reviews - 3] (1431 words)
AN: Thank you to those who have read this little story. I've enjoyed writing it very much. I think that the Doctor and the Endless work well together. And I very much think that Death and the Doctor would get along well.