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1. Chapter One [Reviews - 0] (2843 words)
Credit to Russell T Davies for the dialogue and plot points I've borrowed for this story; later chapters will diverge much more heavily from the events in Voyage of the Damned. This story takes place in the Pete's World Universe, and as such, features Alt!Five as the protagonist. Obviously, his history is slightly different than our Doctor's, but he is, for the most part, incredibly similar in temperament and fashion-sense to the Five we all know and love. I hope you enjoy him here.

Those interested in the cover art made for this story will find it on my tumblr page. I use spacetimeconundrum there as well. Updates to this story will be made as my work schedule permits.

2. Chapter Two [Reviews - 0] (1734 words)
Diverging a bit more from the beaten path in this chapter...

3. Chapter Three [Reviews - 0] (2352 words)
Time for some action. Also, Five fans, I know you're out there; let me know if you're enjoying this adventure, 'cause I've got more planned for Alt!Five after this story is complete.

4. Chapter Four [Reviews - 0] (1773 words)
Bit more borrowed dialogue in this chapter than the last, but most of it is necessary to move the plot along. I did get to rewrite my least favorite speech the Tenth Doctor ever gives (sorry RTD and fans of the Kasterborous speech, but it's clunky as hell and over the top); my version is snarkier and considerably more Five, I hope. Reader feedback is much appreciated.

5. Chapter Five [Reviews - 1] (3013 words)
Not dead, just been busy moving across an entire continent. I've returned to you with fresh Fivey action and more to come soon!

6. Chapter Six [Reviews - 0] (2768 words)
Bit more violence in this chapter. Also, I have some fun with the fact that I'm not beholden to budgetary and/or practical constraints like the BBC is. The big finale is coming up! I'm writing it now, and I'm not sure if I'll break it up into two chapters or leave it as just one long one, but expect Unsinkable to wrap later this week.

7. Chapter Seven [Reviews - 0] (1313 words)
Next chapter will be much longer and the last for this story. Interested readers can find an accompanying image to go with this chapter on my tumblr.

8. Chapter Eight [Reviews - 0] (2910 words)
Sorry about the wait, I had the most ferocious writer's block with this last confrontation scene. It ended up being a bit closer to the original than I'd planned but I think stayed pretty true to Five's character overall. Fivey fans take note, I'm planning much more for the Alt!Fifth Doctor following this (all original stories too)! Unsinkable is the first in what I'm calling his "pre-Time War" season featuring the lovely Astrid Peth as his companion. He will also appear in a "post-Time War" season that begins with And Then There Was One. You'll be able to find both seasons under the "Tales From A Red Police Box" series.

I hope you all enjoyed this one. If you have the time and inclination to do so, reader feedback is joyfully accepted and much appreciated.