Theta Sigma

by LayneCarver [Reviews - 1]

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  • Teen
  • Explicit Violence, Swearing
  • Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Angst, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Series

1. Chapter 1: Dalek Envy [Reviews - 1] (489 words)
Eleven finally destroys his mortal enemy, the Daleks, but dies as a consequence. In his regeneration, something goes horribly wrong, and a girl appears, coming to fix the universe.

2. Chapter 2: Into the Heart [Reviews - 0] (1210 words)
The mysterious girl appears, and all of the Doctor's companions are confused. She tries her best to help, but is lost herself.

3. Chapter 3: Of the Soul [Reviews - 0] (988 words)
The girl meets each of the Doctor's previous selves, and finds out her name, choosing which Doctor she wishes to love.

4. Chapter 4: Fully Flooding [Reviews - 0] (1658 words)
Theta goes with the Ninth Doctor, and he is skeptical of her actuality, still afraid of hurting anything that is good. Theta is changing still, and seeks help from the Doctor, who does not know if he can do anything good now.

5. Chapter 5: All the Rest [Reviews - 0] (556 words)
The Doctor hates hormones.

6. Chapter 6: Dearest Child [Reviews - 0] (990 words)
The Doctor finds out his mother lied to him all his life.

7. Chapter 7: Cold Blooded [Reviews - 0] (791 words)
The Doctor feels for the first time since the Time War, and Theta feels the effects of regeneration.

8. Chapter 8: Fear and Love [Reviews - 0] (1114 words)
WARNING: graphic violence and horror; Theta sees the The Last Great Time War for herself, and the Doctor fears for her life.

9. Chapter 9: The Sound of Drums [Reviews - 0] (1132 words)
Theta survives, but new repercussions affect them all, and the Doctor fears himself.

10. Chapter 10: Nightmares [Reviews - 0] (755 words)
The Doctors admits how long he has quarantined himself, and Theta sees first hand the effects of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

11. Chapter 11: Getting Out [Reviews - 0] (2825 words)
Theta finally conquers the TARDIS and decide to go somewhere... Midnight.

12. Chapter 12: Sunny Mornings [Reviews - 0] (1989 words)
Could anyone guess what would happen after Midnight? Theta feels like this is all her fault, but the TARDIS gives some helpful insight.

13. Chapter 13: Dandelions [Reviews - 0] (803 words)
The TARDIS takes on a motherly roll towards Theta, and finally Theta gets in the head of the Doctor.

14. Chapter 14: Falling [Reviews - 0] (1476 words)
The Doctor and Theta discuss how to get the monster out, but instead begin arguing, and things turn dark.

15. Chapter 15: Forevermore [Reviews - 0] (1041 words)
Theta and the Doctor face new beasts.