Customer Solutions

by Alexannah [Reviews - 0]

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  • Humor

Author's Notes:
I admit it, after Customer Service, it was only a matter of time before this one happened. I'll be posting at least one more drabble, though the one in progress is more of an angst one, before a chaptered story set in the same universe. The phone concept isn't a huge part of the plot of it, but was too fun an idea not to play around with in the meantime.

When Donna entered the console room, she found the Doctor sitting reading. “Morning,” he said without looking up.

“Morning.” Donna was about to ask him about breakfast, when she saw that the phone lay on the console, the mauve button glowing. She reached to replace it on the hook.

“Don’t do that,” the Doctor said from his book.

“Why not?”

“Holidays 4 U is busy bankrupting themselves. Give it another ten minutes.”

Donna put the phone to her ear.

“… claim your prize, press 1 now. To claim your prize, press 1 now. To claim …”

“How long has this been going?”

The Doctor checked his watch. “Not long. Just a couple of hours or so.”

“You’re evil, you know that?”

“I’m not the one who makes money by tricking gullible people into wracking themselves up massive phone bill charges in the hope they’re getting a free ticket to the Pacific.”

“So this is a case of giving a taste of their own medicine?”

“This is the seventh time they’ve called this number, it’s hardly my fault if the number’s been redirected to a spaceship in the middle of another galaxy.”

Donna frowned. “We were on earth last night.”

“Yes we were. I moved us just after picking up the phone.”

She shook her head. “The Doctor, the defender of the weak and helpless. Even when it comes to phone bills.”

“That’s me.” He put down his book and looked up at her. “Breakfast?”